Richard L. Quick
Plantation, FL

QCWA # 35991
Chapter 69
W4RQ - Richard L. Quick

My teens in Connecticut I met an old timer who was a Ham, Callsign W1CMX. With phonetics like Whisky One Constipated Mother Xavier it was really hard to forget him and he whetted my appetite for radios and electronics. In 1962 I joined the Navy and trained to be an ELectronics Technician.

When I left the Navy in 1970 I relocated several times with my job and it wasn't until I landed in Johnstown, PA where I met Tom, WA3CPH and Chet, K3EDV. My new friends were a big help and I passed my Advanced license test at the FCC office in D.C. in 1977, I wasn't too thrilled with CW in those days.

I moved to Staten Island, NY and worked in the city. One evening I was talking to WA3CPH back in Johnstown PA on 80 meters when I heard a 'CLUNK' that just about blew my eardrums. That's how I met KB2EF! Bob lived about two blocks from me and we would talk on 80 meters, with both of us operating into a dummy load! We became lasting friends to this day. I again moved with my job to South Florida and was QRT for a few years. When I finally went QRV again I saw many changes, and I decided to go back to CW and learn the proficiency I never had. Today I'm retired and operate mostly CW, and love QRP.

First licensed WB3HHS in 1977, I enjoyed building, and played with RTTY when it was gears and oil. Moved to Southeast Florida, becoming KE4UN. I couldn't resist when my initials became available with the correct 4 prefix, hence W4RQ

My Stuff... Elecraft's KX-3 is a simply amazing little rig, with a HyGain AV-640 Vertical above the roof and my key of choice, the TinyBug built by another Richard..WB9LPU is the perfect companon to the KX-3. My Home Brewed Small Magnetic Loop antenna for portable use On The Road, or a day at the park. I love when it all comes together!

I recently added a Yaesu FT-1000D to the shack, and started a bit of DXing....it's addictive!

I'm still working on that CW proficiency! One of these days I will get there, and in the meanwhile, I'm enjoying the Ride!

QRP: for When you care enough to send the very least.

January 15, 2015