David L. 'Dave' Emmons
Winter Park, FL

QCWA # 37564
Chapter 45
W4NWL - David L. 'Dave' Emmons

I started Haming in 1949 in the days before the novice license. I believe the original license that I have was a class B license and in 1955 I took the general class test. My call In those years was W5JKW.

In the 1970s I was raising little girls and they started charging money for a Ham license and for a while I let my license lapse.

After a few years I picked it back up and in the 1980s I took the extra class test. My call in Florida has been W4NWL since 1959.

My main ham equipment is a Yaesu FT 1000. I also have an IC 706 MKG with a AT-180 antenna tuner. My main antenna is a Cushcraft R-9 vertical multiband antenna. It is quite a good antenna and has a real really good ground.

One of my interesting contacts was Igor in the Ukraine who told me that he received the strongest signal from North America from me. He was amazed that I only had 200 W to the Cushcraft antenna.

I have recently discovered VOIP (voice over internet), I use both Hamsphere and QSO.net.

W4NWL - David L. 'Dave' Emmons

December 20, 2017