W4NH - July 6, 1993
Emerson Merhling

1.birth, death
    born Willard OH
    died 6 July 1993, Fairfax, VA

2.raised in Columbus, OH
    graduated from South High School
    attended the Engineering School of Ohio State University, was a member of the marching band for four years.
    1930, Em took a part-time job with TWA at the local airfield and installed aircraft radios in Ford Tri-motors.
    He needed the money to help put himself through school.
    In 1933, radio range receivers began to be installed in airline aircraft.

3. Chicago IL: Radio Operator for TWA, Chicago Municipal Field
    American, Northwest, TWA, and United had their radio operators located in different offices around the field
    connected by an interphone system.
    In 1934-35, Emerson and the other radio operators at Chicago discovered they needed a better system of coordinating
    the use of range station altitudes and times upon learning they were occasionally allowing two aircraft to use the
    same station at the same altitude at about the same time.
    Glen Gilbert was the radio operator for American.
    1935: President of TWA named Emerson as TWA's representative on an airline-formed committee to design and establish
    a system of air traffic control.

4.Newark NJ: Founder of, and Trainee in, the first ATC center, 1934-36
    established by Earl Ward and 6 young radio operators, one from each of 6 airlines under a legal entity - a not-for-profit
    incorporated in the State of Delaware - named "Air Traffic System, Inc."
    Chief: Earl F. Ward, ex-VP for Operations at AAL
    American Air Lines: Glen A. Gilbert
    Trans World Airlines: Emerson R. Merhling
    United Air Lines: Hugh "Mack" McFarlane
    Northwest Airlines: Homer F. Cole
    E. L. Cord ?
    Bureau of Air Commerce, in the U.S. Department of Commerce, took over the operation in 1936.
    later came
    L. Ponton de Arce,  H. D. Copland,  William H. Cramer,  R. A. Eccles,  John L. Huber, AAL   R. S. Roose
    Clarence J. Stock,  R. E. Sturdevant,  J. V. Tighe,  C. T. Tolpo,  Lee E. Warren, AAL,  E. A. Westlake

5.Chicago IL: Assistant Chief of the Center under Glen Gilbert

6.Pittsburg PA: Founder and Chief of the Pittsburg Center

7.LaGuardia, NY: Chief of the New York Center

8.Chief, Eastern Region
    Boston center
    New York center
    Washington center
    Pittsburg center

9.Berlin Germany:
    1945 - 1949: on loan to the staff of Gen Lucius Clay, Chief othe of U.S. Army Occupation Force in Berlin
    U.S. member of the Air Coordination Committee charged with restoring civil air traffic services into Berlin.
    Director of Airway Operations and Director of the Berlin Air Safety Center, Templehoff Airport.
    Em left Berlin during the Berlin Airlift.

10.Washington DC:
    Chief, ATC Program staff
    Chairman, Airspace Subcommittee, Air Coordinating Committee
    Served as chairman for 8 years

11.Em retired from the FAA in 1966

12.1939: Married Mar Noir of Brooklyn NY
    children: Bob Merhling,

13.Em was an active amateur radio operator for more than 65 years
    first licensed in 1928
    last call held was W4NH
    Past President of the Vic Clark Chapter of QCWA

14.Em's other activities in later years
    Past Director of the Virginia, Washington, and Maryland chapters of the Society of Airway Pioneers
    Past President of the Fairfax Chapter of the National Association of Retired Federal Employees
    Member of the Noonday Optimists Club
    Member of the Fort Myer Officers Club