KM4DYW - Ernest A. 'Allen' Brown W4EAB

Ernest A. 'Allen' Brown Jr.
Rockingham, NC

QCWA # 36581

Ernest 'Allan' Brown, Sr. - USCG Radioman 1958-1962. San Juan, P.R. (NMR) July 1959 - July 1961. USCG Air Station San Diego (NOR) July, 1961 - Oct. 1962.

Passed the General exam (W4SWM) 1960 and helped start up/run KP4CGB (USCG Base Station) San Juan mid 1960. My favorite USCG frequency? 500KCS (600 meters) which we guarded for distress/medical and merchant weather/ship movement reports.

KM4DYW - Ernest A. 'Allen' Brown
My Vibroplex Original Deluxe bug is a 1950s model that I bought for $20 from a transferring Radioman. I have since added a new chrome base. I went QRT in 1961 and my license expired in 1972 (college, career, family) but code never left me and I would listen to old CG code message tapes off and on over the years.

August, 2014 I passed the Tech exam and with the help of Pete "The Greek" Varounis, NL7XM, and his call book certification of my previous license, received exam credit for element 3 and my General license was restored. I have upgraded to Extra July, 2014.

KM4DYW - Ernest A. 'Allen' Brown
Put together a new ham shack from scratch with invaluable advice from my Elmer, Butch Parris, N4AWP and got back on the air 12/7/14 after a 53 year QRT.

Still studying. . . Still learning. . . . and glad to be back on the air. Once an RM always an RM! dit-dit dit

KM4DYW - Ernest A. 'Allen' Brown

November 9, 2015