W4ALX - Alexander W. 'Alex' Walker W4ALX

Alexander W. 'Alex' Walker
Hampton, VA

QCWA # 36968
Chapter 119

I have been a Ham since 1991 and I am a General Class working on my extra class license.

My little barefoot Kenwood 440 has worked the world and brought me years of enjoyable DXing and rag chewing pleasure.

I have just recently upgraded to a TS-2000 and I am really enjoying this radio.

The antenna is my third Carolina Windom 40 (Hurricanes!!)that is located about 35-40 feet between two trees and has radiated thru all kinds of weather.

I am also beginning to get excited about PSK-31 and the other digital modes.

73 and Good DX and I hope to talk with you again on the air soon.

W4ALX - Alexander W. 'Alex' Walker

February 04, 2016