W4ACN - August 27, 1997

Harry Kaklikian

+ notes on Harry Kaklikian, W4ACN, Silent Key

- born Fresno, CA 1922

- died Fairfax Hospital, 27 August 1997

+ Army Signal Corps (1941 - 1965)

his decorations included a Purple Heart.

- WWII 1941 - 45 (?)

- Guam (late 40s - early 50s)

Lew Bradley, W4SWP, says both he and Harry were stationed in Guam in the late 40s - early 50s. He thinks Harry was authorized by the FCC to administer amateur license exams in Guam. When Lew upgraded, he may have taken the exam from Harry. He says he didn.t come to know Harry until many years later.

- Korean War 1950 - 53 (?)

- Germany ( )

- retired from the Army 1965

+ Foreign Service Officer, Dept. of State (1965 - 1986)

+ Middle East coordinator for diplomatic telecommunications

Ray Johnson says Harry's family was with him at his overseas posts.

- for Beirut

- for West Africa (stationed in Accra, Ghana)

Ray Johnson, K5RJ, remembers working Harry SSB on 20 meters in Accra. Ray said "Harry had a booming signal in here. He was running the legal limit, at least." Harry.s call there was 9G1AR.

- Diplomatic telecommunications service officer in Washington DC

- retired from the State Dept. 1986

+ Other ham-related rememberances

- first licensed while in high school

Harry was first licensed at age 16 in 1938 and most recently held an Advanced class license. Ray Johnson thinks Harry's father was a ham also, as is one of his sons.

- known worldwide as an authority and source of parts for Collins gear

Ray Johnson says that Harry built quite a reputation as a source of parts for, and expertise on the repair and modification of, Collins ham gear (301's, KWM-2s, etc.) He remembers a modification that Harry came up with designed to cut down the effects of power line surges on KWM-2 series S transmitters (I think that's what he said).

Ray says that Harry's 2 car garage at one time was a warehouse full of Collins parts and that Harry was a regular on a 20 meter, Sunday afternoon net of Collins equipment enthusiasts.

Dick Rucker remembers Harry telling about some elderly fellow calling him up one morning to ask if he had some particularly rare Collins part, and Harry said that he did. The fellow replied that he'd be driving down from some place in New England and to expect him within 24 hours.

Well, the fellow shows up in some expensive convertible in the middle of the night, asking for his part. So Harry makes a pot of coffee and takes him out into his garage where he buys the part and then they swapped Collins stories while they finished their coffee. Last Harry saw of him was when the old gent left his place and headed for home.

(That's the way I remember the story, but we probably ought to see if Gladys can corroborate it!)

- Vienna Wireless Society

Ray Johnson remembers that Harry was for a long time responsible for making table assignments to vendors and others at the society's Winterfest in February. Harry always had a table of his own in the same place along the far wall in the downstairs room. Harry was also a regular exhibitor at the Berryville VA hamfest.

- Vic Clark chapter of QCWA

Harry joined QCWA in 1964 and was one of its more active members. He is probably best remembered as the fellow who talked the management at HRO and EEB out of some very fine door prizes for the annual QCWA Christmas parties.

He received QCWA's Anniversary Award in 1988 and a 55 year endorsement five years later. He also was a member of QCWA's Century Club, and he received its 50 year continuous license award in 1988.