W3YW - George H. Petrides W3YW

George H. Petrides
Bethesda, MD

QCWA # 36415
Chapter 20

ex-KN8WHG Novice call in 1959. I will always be grateful to my father (SK) who bought me a Knight Kit Space Spanner receiver for Christmas and Wayne Gorseline (SK), my esteemed Elmer in Williamston, Michigan, who helped me earn my Novice ticket. A special tip o' the hat to my son, George Petrides, Jr., K8WHG, who also lives in Bethesda, Marylad.

ex-W8WHG vanity call (based on my old Novice call, WN8WHG) for many, many years until July 26, 2013 when W3YW was granted.

ex-ZS9S and ex-A2CAS in Molepolole, Botswana from 1968-1969 when stationed there as a US Peace Corps Volunteer (high school teacher). Amazingly, there were several other volunteer/amateur radio operators around Molepolole in those days: Myself (W8WHG); Pete Wood, ZS9F (N7BEJ) and Les Gornall, now GI1BZT. We're still in touch with each other after those great times as rare DX with a HW-32A, 2-element wire, inverted V-beam and a Honda engine turning a car generator with an erratic voltage regulator connected to 3 car batteries!

Tip o' the hat to my pal, Joel Thurtell in Michigan, K8PSV. Joel operated as 5V7JT in Togo when stationed in that country in 1990 as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Joel, a skilled writer and newsaper reporter, is also famous for unearthing the amazing story of the "roll your own" Collins 75A-4 in a QST article (February, 2000) as well as masterminding "RadioFinders", a fabulous source of restored boat anchors.

A few years ago Joel asked my granddaughter and me to review and contribute a jacket blurb for his new book "Mouse Code", now available on Amazon and the ARRL e-store.

Station: Icom 7800, PW1 amp, 5-band Hex-beam on 40" crank-up tower (plus several hundred other bits and pieces of vintage radios, knobs, tubes, gear and antennas).

Interests: DX, antennas, wild bird watching and bird feeding (visit www.wildbird.com and www.facebook.com/birdfeedingsociety), franchising and commercial real estate development.

Call History: Jack Walker of Bellville, PA held W3YW until about 2005. Luis Bonilla then held the call until July, 2013. His call is now KP4C in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. I hope to meet Luis on the air soon!

December 15, 2015