Director 2001 - 2004


Arthur F. 'Art' Kunst
Seminole, FL

QCWA # 4595
Chapter 6
W3WM - Art Kunst

I am a long time member with membership number 4595. I have held a Ham license continuously since 1939 and have an Extra Class License. My home chapter is Chapter 6 in Pittsburg, PA. I am also a member of several chapters in Florda where I am winter resident. My principle university degree of several is in Electronics. My training and lifetime work experience has been with electrical product manufacture in a variety of assignments. I am also a registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvannia. I have lengthy military experience with the US Navy where I retired as a Naval Captain.

Dateline: December 7, 1941
A long time ago on December 07th 1941, I was operating 75M AM phone in Chicago Illinois, My call sign was W9FUY with Class A endorsement. (Class A, B, and C licenses only).

My xmtr was a popular rack and panel construction about five feet tall with a final operating with a TAYLOR T-55 running abt 75 watts into a long wire antenna. I was home from Northwestern U where I was an EE engineering student, to enjoy Mom's Sunday home cooking. While waiting for the summons, I went to the Shack to check the 75M band activity, and maybe make a few QSOs.

I was doing that when a few stations started broadcasting the announcement "Get off the air ---Get off the air. Pearl Harbor has been bombed!" What to do? As more and more Hams understood the msg, the band quickly became eerily silent.

I left the Shack in a rush to tell my family and we huddled around our AM radio to get the full coverage. All of this activity is fully covered in my log which I still have.

My next ham QSO about five years later to took place unofficially on 10mtr from the radio shack of my ship USS Arneb in Okinawa harbor. The amazing thing was that so many hams on other ships joined in! What set this off, was the announcement that hams in the US were allowed to get on-the-air. What an experience!!!

Current call sign is W3WM - Art, and continuously licensed since 1939!

W3WM - Art Kunst

Interview with Art Kunst, W3WM at Dayton Hamvention 2015

12 May, 2004