W3TB - Theodore W. 'Ted' Edwards W3TB

Theodore W. 'Ted' Edwards
Williamsburg, VA

QCWA # 35672

W3TB and GØPWW. First licensed in 1962 with Novice callsign KN3UWF; upgraded to K3UWF. Now licensed over 50 years, Ted is a QCWA member -- number 35672 in Tidewater Chapter #119. Held W1AJS for many years. Upgraded in 1977 to Amateur Extra class and holding W3TB ever since. Having lived in England for a Personnel Exchange Program assignment with the Royal Navy, Ted also has holds the callsign GØPWW. Also having spent two years in Iceland, he operated as W3TB/TF in 1983-1985. Past contest operations as W3TB/TF, GØPWW, GDØPWW 1992, 4X/GØPWW 1996, TA/GØPWW 1996, VP9I 2007 & W3TB/VP9 2009, TI5N 2011 & 2012. Ted is a retired Chaplain in the United States Navy and a Priest in the Episcopal Church. Ham radio memberships: ARRL, WAARC, FCG, FRC, and YCCC. Ted likes operating primarily CW at barefoot power and with wire antennas and verticals -- keeping it all simple. Ted has all his logs from the beginning in 1962 and keeps a supply of QSLs to answer requests from 1980 onward. Other interests: sailing, golf, travel, naval history, church history, reformation theology, leadership through Appreciative Inquiry.