W3RMM - Robert M. 'Mike' Mc Clanahan W3RMM

Robert M. 'Mike' Mc Clanahan
Lewes, DE

QCWA # 31217
Chapter 150

I have been in Amateur Radio since 1956. My original call was KNØCNJ. I have also held WD4OUA and WG4Y. My wife, Rita, is K3RMM. I also have two sons who are licensed amateurs. Sean, NU4DE and Tim, W3BAY.

I am active on the HF bands and the local 2 meter repeaters. I can also be found on Echo Link from time to time.

I am a member of ARRL and QCWA and am currently President of the Del-Mar-Va Chapter 150 QCWA.

My previous call, WG4Y , is now held by Rebekah. I am very pleased that my previous call is held by this outstanding YL. Please visit her website(click on WG4Y).

September 27, 2016