W3QBZ - Adda M. Gontarz W3QBZ

Adda M. Gontarz
Lawrenceville, PA

QCWA # 26177
Chapter 28 and 120

Born 8/8/24 Ridley Park, PA. #3 of 9 children. Graduated Glen-Nor HS 1942. Private secretary for 2 years. Married 1944 - raised 6 kids. Member of church choir 12 years - also glee clubs since 5th grade. Girl Scout leader 5 years and lunch room chairman 10 years. Became ham Dec. 1949 - took RCA course in TV, Radio and phonograph servicing. Had flourishing business 13 years. Professionally baked specialty cakes - am a seamstress and dressmaker - after the OM passed away in 1980 I had to return to the work force and eventually had my own cleaning business. In 1991 I moved upstate PA and now live with my oldest son and his wife in the beautiful mountains of north central PA. Have always loved tenting and outdoors activities. Try not to miss summer concerts in the park. Will drop what I am doing to go on an impromtu picnic or day trip. My kids keep me up to date with cell phones, personal PC, DVD player and all that neat stuff.

July 31, 2015