W3FOX - David M. 'Dave' Fox W3FOX

David M. 'Dave' Fox
Arnold, MD

QCWA # 36174
Chapter 20

In memory of my dad Hy Fox - K1PSK (SK),who was licensed after me. The reason he got licensed is very interesting. He did not want me to take my ham equipment to college (University of Connecticut) because he thought it would detract from my studies. When another ham reported to me that someone using my call sign (K1CJV), I discovered that my father was "boot legging" with my call. I immediately brought my station to the University and told him I would bring it home after he got his license, which he did.

Current station equipment: ICOM IC-7000, ICOM PW-1 KW amplifier, G5RV antenna, 17 meter dipole, 3 element vertical array, 160 meter dipole, and multiband trap dipole. Back-up station includes Kenwood TS-430S with AT-250, Yaesu FL-2100B amplifier, LDG AT-600Pro1 tuner, and various VHF/UHF equipment. At the present time, I am not using the amplifiers and run bare foot.

Secondary QTH: During the the period May to September, I also operate as W3FOX/P from 9 88th Street, Unit 104, Ocean City, MD 21842. This location is in Worcester County. I can see the Atlantic Ocean from my balcony. I am using a second Icom IC7000 from this QTH. Antennas are a challege when operating from a condominium. I am using dipoles with the center insulator tied to the end of a flag pole hanging from the balcony railing with the two ends tied back to the railing in a "v" configuration. Have also been using a 59 foot endfed fire with a matching transformer, but can can only use this at night because it runs to an ajacent property.

Below are some photos of my previous stations that date back to 1957. It is hard to believe that I have been licensed for almost 57 years. I plan to add a photo of my current station soon. Just purchased an ICOM IC-7000, but will keep my legacy Kenwood TS-430 as a backup.

Email: w3fox@comcast.net

Formerly K1CJV and KN1CJV - First licenced in 1957

Foreign calls held:

DL5GO(Germany) - 1964 to 1967

DL5GO/LX(Luxemburg) 1964 to 1967

KA7DF(Itazuki AB and Hakata AS, Japan)

KA2DF(Tachikawa AB, Japan)

KA1DF & KA1DX(Marcus Island - Minami Torishima) 1972

W3FOX - David M. 'Dave' Fox

W3FOX - David M. 'Dave' Fox

W3FOX - David M. 'Dave' Fox

July 12, 2015