W3EKT - Edward L. 'Ed' Burns W3EKT

Edward L. 'Ed' Burns
Glenwood, MD

QCWA # 19685
Chapter 20

At the age of 25 I utilzed the electronics skills learned in the US Navy to help an older guy fix his Heath DX-35 and AR-3. My interest in radio then took off. I currently chase DX, enjoy HF and VHF contesting, and especially helping others.

I was first licensed in April of 1961 as KN8ZSZ, upgraded to General, K8ZSZ, nine months later. After moving from Newark Ohio to the Washington DC area in October of 1967, I upgraded to Advanced and to my surprise, was issued W3EKT in the spring of 1968. Through the 70s, I was very active on RTTY and won most of the major contests around the world. Even though I have DXCC on both 160 and 6 meters, I think confirming 100 grids on two meters from the East Coast was much more challenging since I am close to the Atlantic Ocean.

A move to Glenwood, MD, in 1985 introduced me to W3LPL (Frank Donovan) and I spent six months helping him...and others...build his world class contest station. It was great fun operating there for several years in the Multi Multi environment. BUT, living just 4,000 feet LOS south of Frank is certainly a personal contest "handicap"! I also put W3LPL on RTTY first as a single op, then with K3MM, K4GMH and others helping man the station for the M/M contests. In 1993, I met Dick BAllou, K3MQH, (SK) and helped build HIS M/M VHF contest station norhtwest of Gettysburg, PA, where I was the main 432 op for several years. (RIP Dick)

After retiring from the US Government the end of 1994, I purchased a small motor home and spent five seasons operating as a VHF rover with a local, Ed, K3IXD (also SK), as a partner. Great fun--and over 50 years later, the fun continues.

Ed, W3EKT.

January 27, 2015