W1ZM & W22M - November 11, 1966

Editor 1952 -1959 QCWA Bulletin
Director 1953
Treasurer 1955 - 1957
General Manager 1955 - 1964
Treasurer 1957 - 1965
Editor 1961 -1964 QCWA News Letter

Ralph G. Barber
W2ZM - Glen Cove LI, NY
W1ZM - Oakdale, CT

QCWA # 68

from the 1953 QCWA Yearbook

QSL images courtesy of the NL7XM Collection

This is a new one from a card that just arrived, and it caused me to reexamine that specific reference appearing in the top right corner: "No. 27."

Barber was neither a Founder or Charter Member, so what's with the "27," that's been haunting me...

Well, it turns out Barber was one of an elite group whose entry in the early Yearbooks were annotated with a "†" (Dagger footnote.)

This represented QCWA Members who received (one of) the first 50 Yr Golden Anniversary Service Awards! This was rare, so they were undoubtedly numbered and Barber was proud to display he was the 27th to get one.

One lesser possibility, is that Barber was the 27th Member to purchase a LM(Life Membership). There were almost as few of these in the early years as indicate by boldface type in the yearbooks.

-Pete - NL7XM
I agree with Pete's logic. The 50 year award makes the most sense. Early on QCWA didn't assign member numbers or chapter numbers. Current 50 year awards use the QCWA number but may have been sequentially numbered when they were first issued.

tnx Pete!