W2XAB - John S. Burningham W2XAB

John S. Burningham
Morrow, GA

QCWA # 26683

Winner of the 2016 Hamvention®
Technical Achievement Award

From QRZ.com:
Former call signs: WB8GZR, WB9GQM, WB8PUF

W2XAB was WCBS-TVs original call sign (it was Experimental Radio Service license and not amateur at that time). I enjoy the history of technology and this call sign honors early TV broadcast history.

From the HamventionĀ® Website :
John was first licensed in 1970 as WB8GZR, later as WB9GQM, WB8PUF, and currently as W2XAB. He has been involved with amateur repeaters for over 40 years. After working in the Aerospace industry and Motorola, he has been teaching in higher education for over 20 years, currently as a Senior Lecturer at Clayton State University in the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology teaching computer networking; he will retire this May. He is a life member of the ARRL and QCWA and has belonged to AMSAT and TAPR in additional to a number of local clubs as he moved between ten different states. John is currently active in the DMR community, having published a beginner.s guide [http://guide.k4usd.org] and a DMR article in QST and a contributing author in the ARRL 2016 Handbook. He has also presented a number of forums at Hamfests including the Hamvention promoting DMR.

{John's QCWA application lists first licensed in 1969 and WR8AHN and WR8AHP as prior call signs.  Bob, NØUF, Webmaster)
At Winter_1981_Radio_Amateur_Callbook_District_8_djvu.txt I found:
	WB8PUF T John S Burningham, Forest Park
	WR8AHN R John S Burningham, Forest Park
	WR8AHP R John S Burningham, Cincinnati
	WR8AQJ R John S Burningham, Forest Park

May 27, 2016