W2WB - Jon P. 'Doc' Valdina
at a contest on Staten Island in NYC - 1967

Jon P. 'Doc' Valdina
Auburn, NY

QCWA # 35280
Chapter 29

Profession: Dentist and I do forensic odontology at the local medical examiners office. I belong to DMORT (National Disaster Medical System / Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team) which is part of HHS (Dept. of Health and Human Services). We are composed of forensic experts who are deployed by the federal government to identify victims in mass disasters. I was deployed four times (9/11/2001 - WTC, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Continental Flight 3407 in Buffalo, NY in 2009 and the Haiti Earthquake in 2010).

I also have a Yaesu VX-6 HT and an IC-7000 tranceiver.. I also use a Palstar AT2K tuner, a Palstar ZM-30 antenna analyzer and mostly wire antennas. Also a VE (Volunteer Examiner) with the ARRL.


73's Jon

W2WB - Jon P. 'Doc' Valdina
The profile pictures show my wife and I on our first date in 1967
Believe it or not she said yes to a second date and also later to a marriage proposal.
The last picture shows us 40 years later in 2007.

W2WB - Jon P. 'Doc' Valdina

W2WB - Jon P. 'Doc' Valdina
I was originally licensed in 1961 as WV2QYO.
Later I held the calls WA2QYO and W2QYO.
I changed my call to W2WB on 9-4-09.

W2WB - Jon P. 'Doc' Valdina
My main rig is a Flex 5000A SDR transceiver.
Pan of shack - a bit messy but ...

W2WB - Jon P. 'Doc' Valdina
I also have a functioning 1970's Heathkit station most of which I built in 1970.
It includes the following: SB-102 transceiver, SB-640 external LMO, SB-200 Amplifier,
SB-630 Station Console, SB-610 MonitorScope, 1410 Keyer, HM-102 and a SWR/Watt Meter.

May 14, 2017