W2TAC - Robert R. 'Bob' Mayo W2TAC

Robert R. 'Bob' Mayo
Petersburg, NY

QCWA # 35994

I live on Taconic Lake 1,650 ft. above sea level in rural Grafton, New York on the Rensselaer Plateau adjacent to the Taconic Mountains. I'm primarily interested in QRP and CW. I plan to stick to wire antennas for the challenge they present and lake aesthetics.

I was first licensed at the age of 16 in 1966. I still vividly remember taking the 13 WPM test from an FCC examiner at the Schenectady, NY Post Office. My equipment was an Eico 720 transmitter, a Hallicrafters SX-16 Super Skyrider receiver and a 40-m dipole strung between two old well pipes. I used one of those high tech DPDT porcelain knife antenna switches. College diverted my attention and then I got buried in my work for 40 years and had no contact with amateur radio. However, I'm the Library Director at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the President of the student amateur radio club asked to put an exhibit on ham radio in the library lobby. That whetted my appetite. I even loaned my old Vibroplex bug for the exhibit. I then spent a couple of months studying for and passing the Technician, General and Extra class exams. My original license (WB2VUB) was available, but I applied for the vanity call W2TAC ("TAC" for "Taconic Lake" -- the lake I live on, adjacent to the Taconic Mountains). I now operate an Elecraft KX3 to 15, 20, 40 and 80-meter dipoles about 50 ft up in the hemlocks here.

Prior to joining RPI about a decade ago, I worked 22 years for IBM in Systems Test, Cost Engineering and Market Development.

November 4, 2012

W2TAC - Robert R. 'Bob Mayo

W2TAC - Robert R. 'Bob Mayo