W2KTG - Roy J Durso W2KTG

Roy J. Durso
Cocoa, FL

QCWA # 36092

I was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1929. I graduated from Brooklyn High School for Specialty Trades in 1947. Majored in electronics. Held several jobs after that on production lines for Garod Radio, David Bogen, Pilot Radio and others.

Drafted into the US Army Signal Corps in 1951. Attended electronic training school at Fort Monmouth, NJ. At completion of school I was assigned to the 1802nd Special Regiment at West Point, NY for 1 year. Duties were training the cadets on the use of the various types of electronic equipment used for radio communications.

Discharged from the US Army SIgnal Corps in 1953. Married in 1958 and moved to Cape Canaveral, FL in 1964 to work as an Air Force Quality Assurance Specialist (Civil Service). I have been retired approximately 23 years and never a dull moment!

February 28, 2013