W2FX - December 13, 1981

First President 1947 - 1964
President Emeritus 1964 - 1981    
Editor 1960

John Di Blasi
Plandome Manor LI, NY
Little Neck, LI, NY

Charter Member #1

Member: ARRL & IEEE

Born: November 8, 1898

December 5, 1947
First Call: 2AGD       Other Call(s): 2FD & W2LKC

From the 1953 QCWA Yearbook

2FX - 1921
200 Meter, 6 wire cage
and Shack for
the 'Rock Crusher'
Spark Gap Xmtr


The Old Man Himself
W2 Little Kilo Cycles - 1939

W2LKC - 1939

W2LKC - 1939


Full View of 3 Element
10 Meter rotary beam at
W2LKC, now W2FX & W2QNR
33 ft high, QTH Little Neck, NY

First 3 El Beam
at W2LKC

Adjusting 3 El Beam
Manually Rotated
W2LKC - 1939

Angle iron frame box which is to
hold the beam The 2 slip rings
are 4" diam and are mounted on
bakelite disks.

Rotar Assembly
prop pitch motor
and selsyn indicator motor

Son Paul at the Mike - 1939


ECO Preselector - HQ120 Rcvr
2 1/2 Wave Super Regen Rcvr 1942

Main XMtr 1942 6L6 into
PP TZ-40 running 250 - 900
watts MOD Pr 836 PP Class B

1946 W2FX FCC License

Beam Crew

1947 - Beam Pruners
W2KYX Tony Kinney,
Vic DeGhet
W2BCB Otto Tickacheck,
W2FX, John DiBlasi

1947 - W2LKC Little Neck, NY
10 & 20 Meters. Steering wheel used to manually turn the beam

At work, 91 7th Ave NYC
Cooper and DiBlasi,
Electronic Representatives
circa 1949

Photocopy of original QSL drawing by Otto Eppes
Courtesy of Harrison Radio Corporation, New York City
Presented to W2FX by Bill Harrison, Pres Harrison Radio

1950 W2FIT Leon Hansen
and W2FX John DiBlasi,
FX Re-elected President QCWA
Photo by K2AY 6/9/50

W2FIT Leon Hansen,
W2FX John DiBlasi,
Geo Bailey ARRL,
Dave Talley
Kurt Schoenfeld and
Milt Thompson
Photo by Bob, W2DTE

Pappas Restaurant
Doc Walsh, W2BW
John DiBlasi, W2FX
Ralph Barber, W2ZM
Speaker, Unknown
photo by Bob Hertzberg

Pappas Restaurant
Doc Walsh, W2BW
Ralph Barber, W2ZM
John DiBlasi, W2FX

Belle Terre, Suffolk County ARC
Long Island, NY,
John DiBlasi, W2FX
Dick Lawrence, W2JWM

Apr 1967

QTH - Plandome, L.I., NY

1967 - 1981

W2FX at the Mike

John's last station
The above pictures and captions have been supplied by John Di Blasi Jr. W2QNR(sk), son of W2FX

John's QCWA office record, there are not applications for the early members

K4HT/W2DX - SK in 1994

Images courtesy of the NL7XM Collection

This July 1921 advertisement shows QCWA's 1st President and Founder, John
DiBlasi as Secretary of the Continental Radio and Electric Corp of New York City.
Advertisment provided by Pete the Greek, NL7XM

From the QCWA Guestbook:
Name: Paul DiBlasi
Date: Wed Dec 08 15:27:04 2004
Comments: I was truly pleased to see the web page that gave a nice history of the QCWA that my dad was instrumental in founding. Thank you.