W1US - March 22, 2007

Robert J 'Doc' Kelemen
Born 1922

Ray, K1XV, President of Chapter 144 and Vice President of CH. 146 of QCWA sent the following mail to CVFMA today:

"I heard today that Doc, W1US, of Andover VT died Thursday afternoon at Dartmouth Hitchcock. While he suffered from cancer for almost 10 years, he ultimately died after surgery for a bleeding ulcer. This had followed a heart attack. He was, I believe, 84.

As I learn more I will share more info. I understand that there will probably be some kind of memorial in Chester VT at some point.

Ray K1XV"

We hope to have biographical and Memorial information on the web sites as soon as possible.

Ed, N5EI

From e-ham.net;

My friend Doc, W1US, died today. I had only known him for about 4 years, but as my ham neighbor, I did a lot with him over that time. Doc battled cancer for almost 10 years. In the end, he died of something else. As he saw the end of life approaching, he always savored every day on earth. He wanted to go to Dayton with me this summer, and I would have taken him. Doc had a very elaborate antenna system with multiple towers, including a 200 footer, and a 75 meter four square. I suspect all that will now be removed. Doc had a PhD in engineering, and was very knowledgable and curious about the universe right up to the end. RIP Doc, as you QSY to a higher plane. Raymond Makul (K1XV)

I'm very sad to hear of Doc's passing. I met him about 15 years ago when another friend, Seth K1LOM (sk) brought him to my house to purchase an amplifier I had forsale. He was dressed in a beret and was wearing Irish kilts.. He was most interesting to talk to and invited me to visit his hilltop station in Vermont. I'm sorry I never got the chance. RIP Doc.. Steve (K2WE)

Vy 73 Doc... you were always a gentleman, generous, gracious, inquisitive, and up for a new challenge. I know you'll be appreciated up there too! Thanks for all you shared with us. Jim W1PID