W1TP - Thomas B. 'Tom' Perera W1TP

Thomas B. 'Tom' Perera
Hancock, VT

QCWA # 12003
Chapter 112

TOM PERERA - W1TP has been an active Amateur Radio Operatoron all bands and all modes since firstbeing licensed in 1953. I have been particularly interested in documenting the History of Telegraph Keys during these 60 years. More recently, I have been collecting and researching Enigma Cipher Machines. I have created extensive virtual museums of both telegraph keys and Enigma machines.

I have specialized in Collecting Telegraph instruments and I focus particular attention on Civil War Era and Pre-Civil War Telegraph keys. My virtual Telegraph and Scientific Instrument Museum displays and describes over 3000 instruments. Please visit my museum at: http://w1tp.com

November 18, 2014