W1SBY - William A. 'Allen' Wisbey W1SBY

William A. 'Allen' Wisbey
Hutchinson, KS

QCWA # 37422
Chapter 79

Confused about my name? I use my middle name (Allen) generally. I have never been called William or Bill. Don't blame me, my parents did it!

I received my original call (NØSCK) in 1992, (thanks to Tony NØLVY, and Herb KFØWT(sk) & Ione KFØWS for their encouragement).

Recently I found that the call W1SBY was available and due to the similarity to my last name I changed to that call. It isn't quite the same, but close enough :-)

Recently I purchased and built an Elecraft K2/100 kit. When it arrived it was a bit intimidating! So many parts! The manuals were extremely well written and the support from Elecraft is stellar, so the project went quite well. I loaded up the radio with many of the available options.

I may be biased having built the rig myself, but it is by far the best listening radio I have used. I have done side by side comparisons with my Yaesu 857d and it's not even close. I can intelligibly copy stations with the K2 that are not even there with the 857d. Amazing!

I use the K2 for all SSB QSO's. If you catch me on the air ask me about it, I'll be more than happy to brag it up!

Digital contacts are made with the 857d at this time.

The picture above was taken 4 July 2008. That is my Hustler 6btv standing in as a flag pole.

When I'm not playing with the radio or dealing with the realities of life, I am either fishing, or thinking about fishing.

"The worst day of fishing is still better than the best day at work"


W1SBY - William A. 'Allen' Wisbey

May 14, 2017