W1DMD - John D. Alley W1DMD

John D. Alley
Raynham, MA

QCWA # 13802

Calls held: KF1ITU, AC1DMD, G5DIK, GØ/W1DMD, GMØ/W1DMD. Operator at KM1CC,Marconi Commemorative Station, South Wellfleet,Mass. in 1978. 60 years active, all bands STRICTLY cw. 238 Amateur Radio certificates and awards.Have always been QSL 100%, amateur and SWL.Former USNR, Former U.S.Marine Corps, 1st Mar.Div. Korea, 1951. Ordained minister.Education; B.S., M.Ed., PhD. Frequently active from England.( Love Blighty, God's Country !! )

Life member of Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society, QCWA, SOWP, A1-Op Club. Member Union Francaise Des Telegraphistes.

Radio philosophy:
#1. If someone is kind enough to send you a QSL card, ANSWER IT.
#2. If you can't or won't use CW, don't call yourself a "Ham".

January 18, 2015