WØYZH - March 21, 1990
WØYZH - Michael A. Jokobek Michael A. Jokobek
Hamel, MN

QCWA # 13735
Chapter 8

Father Jakobek was pastor at St. Anne´s in Hamel, MN. He was as pious as they come. He and my father used to go out to dinner together as it was Father Jakobek´s one guilty pleasure. I didn´t know Father Jakobek as well as I knew Father Pingatore, but in the short time I did know him, he impressed me as a priest who believed in taking care of his flock.

When my mother was dying, no one needed to summon a priest. Father Jakobek was there constantly, praying silently next to her bed. He had a special devotion to his Guardian Angel, whom he called Tyke. Tyke was always doing mischievious things, like hiding Father Jakobek´s glasses...Father Jakobek never misplaced them ;) He used to have meetings at St. Anne´s for special devotions to the Angels (I can´t remember what it was called.)

He concelebrated at my mother´s funeral mass (along with Father Dosh, Father Don Burns, Father John Mary Burns, and Monsignor Lavin!) and concelebrated at my Wedding Mass at St. Agnes with Father Ince. I feel very close to Father Jakobek. I pray for him and ask his prayers for my family. I know he is keeping close tabs on all of us.

Requiescat in Pace, Padres.

(Source: "SwissMiss," St. Monica´s Kneeler blog (2007))

WØYZH - Michael A. Jokobek

WØYZH - Michael A. Jokobek