WØYVA - Robert A. 'Bob' Sullivan WØYVA

Robert A. 'Bob' Sullivan
Great Falls, VA

QCWA # 37835
First Call: WØYVA     Other Call(s): WØYVA/YV5 and N4RS

I enjoy restoration; especially Collins and Central Electronics.

Here is some of the equipment I enjoy;
For AM: Collins KW-1, 32V-2, 75A-4, 51J-4, HRO-500, CE 100V, CE 200V, CE 600L.
For SSB: ICOM IC-7700, Signal/One CX-11 and CX-11A, Alpha 77Sx amplifier, Rockwell KWM-2A/312B-4, RE S-line, WE S-line, 30L-1's, 30S-1.
For RTTY (my favorite mode!): IC-7700, Alpha 77Sx.

I'm located in Great Falls, VA., a few miles West of Washington, DC, where I have a few acres and plenty of room for antennas. I have three Bencher Skyhawks, WARC band yagi and a 2-element 40m yagi stacked on a rotating tower. For 80 and 160 I use a pair of phased HyTowers.

I have enjoyed ham radio my entire life! All aspects of the hobby interest me: operating, contesting, digital modes, restoring/repairing - its all great fun and very satisfying. My early ham radio activities generated an interest in engineering and directed me to Electrical Engineering which was my career for many years.

My personal website: http://www.isquare.com/personal_pages/ras-hardware.htm.

73, Bob

WØYVA - Robert A. 'Bob' Sullivan
WØYVA - Robert A. 'Bob' SullivanWØYVA - Robert A. 'Bob' Sullivan
my current station configuration

WØYVA - Robert A. 'Bob' Sullivan
Desk:Heath SC-1000, ARD 230A linear's, 312B-4, DDS-2A, KWM-2A, Sig/OneCX-11A, 30L-1, HRO-500
Middle: Antenna switching and control, 2-mpackett, 32S-3A, 75S-3C, 312B-4
Top: 30L-1, Magnum Six, Antenna control, ATS-1,DL-1, Johnson KW matchbox

WØYVA - Robert A. 'Bob' Sullivan
VintageAM/SSB operating position: 75A-4, 100V, MM-2, 600L Linear

WØYVA - Robert A. 'Bob' Sullivan
VintageCollins operating position: 312B-4, 30L-1, KWM-2A, DDS-2A, 75S-3C

WØYVA - Robert A. 'Bob' Sullivan
The "big guys" - restored Collins KW-1 and 30K

WØYVA - Robert A. 'Bob' Sullivan
2018 488 GTB and 1993 512TR

November 24, 2018