James M. 'Jim' Ellison
Funk, NE

QCWA # 37577
WØWWT - James M. 'Jim' Ellison

1993 1st lic'ed with org call of N0YNA.... Used to have a Really tough time getting people to understand the call, so got the W0WWT vanity call...mucho mucho better now. Born Charleston S.C. folks moved to Nebraska 1953 to a farm house in boone county Nebr. Ran with the chickens,pigs and cows till I Joined the Service in 1961. After 8 years 1 month and 14 days later I got out. Would have made it a career but with the attuide of the people back home got out.. Got into the Signal Corps,during that time, did the 6 month Field Radio Repair course.I have been fiddiling with radios since.Volunteered with the red cross for about 5 years. Forest fires, floods and the last assignment was to the Pentgon following 9/11. Will have to get Pics in here from Nam. Usa Stratcom Phu Lam. More to come!!!

January 07, 2018