Mike Warren
Eden Prairie, MN

QCWA #3Ø144

WØWG - Mike Originally licensed as Novice WN7CXZ (Utah)in 1955 at age 15 and upgraded to General (W7CXZ) six months later. First rig was a 40 meter ARC-5 Rcvr, a homebrew 6L6 xmtr and a twin-lead folded dipole. Upgraded to SX-99/DX-35 then to NC-183D/DX-100. Re-licensed by FCC as W5MAZ in 1960 when parents moved to New Mexico. Changed to KØMAZ after moving to MN upon retirement from Navy. Changed to WØWG in 2005 under vanity program.

Joined U.S. Navy in 1958 and spent 20 years in Electronic Maintenance activities: shore-based HF Transmitters; shipboard radar and IFF; voice and TTY Crypto instructor. Retired as Master Chief Petty Officer - E9 (ETCM).

Retired Jan. 2001 from computer software industry.

Interests are home-brewing, restoring and operating vintage tube-type equipment, chasing DX and going to Hamfests.

Current operating positions:

HF #1 (AM) - Collins 75A-1 and 32V-2. HF #2 (AM) - Homebrew push-pull 813's and SX-100. HF #3 (SSB) - YAESU FT-2000/ACOM 1000. HF #4 (SSB) - KENWOOD TS-450SAT.

Standby receivers: National HRO-500

Antennas: 80M Windom and Tennadyne T-6 LP

Look for me on 3885, 7290, 14286, 29.0 and 50.4!

73 de Mike, WØWG

November 18, 2008