WØUY - Thomas M. 'Tom' Lappin WØUY

Thomas M. 'Tom' Lappin
Hutchinson, KS

QCWA # 16634
Chapter 79

I was first licensed in August 1957 as KNØLHE, upgraded to Conditional in March 1958, Advanced in April 1975 and Extra in September of 1976. I obtained the call WØUY in December of 1977. WØUY is not a vanity call sign, it was issued at a time when an Extra Class licensee could choose from1x2 call signs available in their home call district.

I have always enjoyed CW and operate CW almost exclusively. My rigs include Elecraft K1 and K2 radios which I use for QRP and portable operation along with an Elecraft K3 purchased several years ago. I retired from teaching electronics at Hutchinson Community College in January 2005.

December 04, 2015