WØTLE - November 27, 1984

Alward Spenser 'Ward' Jensen Sr
St Paul, MN

Born: October 1, 1904

QCWA # 4332
Chapter 8

Electronic Center, Inc. - They were located at 107-3rd Avenue S, on the second floor, in Minneapolis. The Amateur Radio department was managed by Co-owner Ward Jensen, WØTLE (SK) and their service department was staffed by Del KØDEJ. They carried all of the major brands and actively took trades. Ward's brother, Jerry Jensen, managed the city desk on the first floor.

** Electronic Center, Inc.
    107 3rd Avenue North
    Minneapolis 1, Minn.
    Phone: FEderal 1-1125
    Attn: Ward Jensen

** Collins, Authorized Distributor and Service Agency