W0OFY - Baldy Baldwin WØOFY

LeRoy 'Baldy' Baldwin
Robins, IA

QCWA # 24694
Chapters 8 & 123

Leroy Baldwin, "Baldy" retired from Collins Radio in 1990 after 35 years of employment. He started at Collins after graduating from the University of Minnesota in 1955. A fellow student, Jerry, received his "ticket", WØMVP in the fall of 1952 and then Baldy, with a friend, took the Novice and Technician tests the day after Thanksgiving in 1952. Baldy received the call WØOFY in may of 1953. His friend got WØOFZ and is now an SK. It took 5 months for the FCC to get our licences out. Jerry (WØMVP), Gail (WØOFZ) and Baldy got on the 220mhz band by building receive converters and transmitters. There was no equipment to buy in those days. Next came 2 meters and then 6 meters was made available to the Technician class licence. He operated 6 meters mobile from 1954 to 1960 from both Minneapolis and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Ham radio activities were put on the lower burner from 1960 to 1990 with work, family and antique automobile activities. He up graded to Extra class in 1991 by passing the 20 wpm code, Advanced and Extra written exams.

He joined the QCWA via Al, WØPEX (SK) in 1991. He is now net control of Chapter 8. He is a member of both Chapter 8 (MN) and 123 (IA). He has been to Dayton for the last 12 years with his son, Frank, NØSFF and plans to go many more times.

January 17, 2013