WØLAW - Robert C. 'Bob' Meyer  WØLAW

Robert C. 'Bob' Meyer
Marshall, MN

QCWA # 33940
Chapter 8

I, Robert C. Meyer, am Section Traffic Manager for Minnesota. I worked for the Lyon County Sheriff Department for 29 years as a sergeant in the jail and retired 4/28/10. I am happily married - my wife's name is Jackie and she worksPart time for BH electronics here in Marshall. I enjoy amateur astronomy and amateur radio - good hobbies.Well I made the 4 years time flies by .I want to Thank all those people that Have Helped me with this great hobby this year April 28th 2015 it will be 5 years since I retired. I have a 72' heavy motor drive heavy duty tower.the tower is up now. my HF station consists of an IC-7700 with a 22 inch high def Moniter and a Alpha 9500 hf amp.EQ plus by w2ihy. International Antenna (IAC) Double Bazooka for 75M. The Double Bazooka is set up as an inverted vee with the apex at 73ft' and the ends tied off to utility poles (one is over the river) I have a 160 meter IAC inverted L antenna and have a IAC double Bazooka for 40 Meters.my new 72 ft with remote raise and lowering capabilities a Force 12 Beam10-12 15 17 20 meter Beam. My VHF station is a IC-9100 VHF/UHF with d-Star through to a pair of M2squared beams . I also have a two meter and 440 at 98 feet and a Alpha 4520 SWR/Wattmeter and an YAESU G2800dxa Rotor.I am really enjoying my retirement .I am still section traffic manager and try to give back to the hobby. I have really enjoyed amateur Radio and by being Section Traffic Manager. I really like my new HDX-572 mdpl with one horse motor ,I can lower it at the tower or in the shack. I have added a Laptop in my shack l Am really enjoying my Retirement. Enjoy Life it is Short and getting shorter every year.I really have enjoyed my new tower it works great.I am

a Life Member of the ARRL,I try to give back to the Hobby, Thank you For Helping to do that Best 73's to All.

my new tower plus its fun to work a little DX . Best 73's Bob Meyer e-mail addresses are w0law@arrl.net and w0law@iw.net

April 26, 2015