WØJBX - Don Johnston WØJBX

Don Johnston
Richfield, MN

QCWA # 13566

I was first licensed in 1940 as a class B station and my Elmer was Mel Bock, W9QKX (SK). My first rig was a Home Brew 35 watt class B modulated AM phone rig, with single 807 final.

I belong to QCWA, National and Upper Midwest Ch 8; ARRL; 3900 Club and 1010 Club.

I enjoy operating all bands, 75M thru 10M, on SSB phone (my CW has long since deteriorated to zero, sad to say), but mostly operation on 75M SSB phone nets, including part time net control on QCWA Upper Midwest Ch 8 Saturday AM 75M SSB phone net, and Saturday AM QCWA Ch 8 2Meter FM Net; one hour per week net control on 75M SSB Pico Net; 75M Minnesota Section Phone Net. I mainly do a lot of listening on all the bands, and very little transmitting.

My current station consists of a Kenwood TS-570D, Heathkit SB-200 Amp, MFJ-998 Intellituner Automatic ant. tuner, 120 ft 75M dipole between two trees at 50 ft, fed with tuned feed line. I also have a Yaesu FT-2200 2M rig with a home brew J-Pole antenna made from 450 ohm feed line

I worked for: Engineering Research Associates (Design Engr- 5 yrs), a pioneer large scale digital computer co, which spawned Univac, Control Data, and many other local engineering companies; Honeywell (Senior Design Engr-29.5rs)- design of Military and Aerospace Electronics; and Control Corp. subsidiary of Control Data (Manager of Engrg 3.5 years); I hold 6 Patents in digital computing and Military Aerospace Avionic applications. I've been retired since 1983.

I have enjoyed every minute of my Ham Radio career, which gave me a very good position in the US Army Signal Corps which included overseas service in the Western Pacific area during WW2, plus a very rewarding career as an Electrical Engineer after WW2. At my present age of 89 (as of Nov 2008), I am still very active in Ham Radio and enjoying my life in retirement, with Fair health.

November 18, 2008