Laurance S. 'Larry' Staples Jr
Shawnee Mission, KS

QCWA # 18557
Chapter 35
WØAIB - Laurance S. 'Larry' Staples Jr

(From the ARRL Midwest Division Newsletter-May 2011 p.3)
In the Kansas City Metro area, there are many well-known Radio Amateurs. One of the best-known and respected is Larry Staples, WØAIB, of Prairie Village, Kansas, publisher of Larry's List. With the cooperation of Tom Eagle, KØJPR, who provides servers and Mailman software, Larry's List distributes emails of interest to hams, and is currently growing, with more than 900 subscribers. Larry describes it as a 'labor of love to keep the messages flowing' - as many as a dozen messages daily.

To subscribe via the Web, visit fttp://list.k0jpr.net/mailman/listinfo/larryslist or via email, send a message directly to Larry at lstaples@kc.rr.com, and request subscription information. In addition to Larry's email reflector, Steven Martin KDØMEL maintains the Larry's List Web site http://www.larryslist.info/, which lists and organizes all dated events published on Larry's List.

First licensed in 1960, Larry has been active over the years in VHF operating and public service communications. Larry's devotion to public service has taken many forms. He played Santa Claus for the KCVHF club for mentally impaired children at the state school in Higginsville, MO; helped provide logistical communications for the American Royal Parade; and for 33 years was the ham coordinator for the March of Dimes Walk-a-Thons (later WalkAmerica, and now March for Babies); and many other public service events.

Larry's involvement in email systems began in 1984, as a fine way to recruit ham volunteers for the public service activities. He later added ham obituaries, and other items of interest, including sale and trade items. All submissions go through Larry, who edits the information and makes sure that the message is one which will be of interest to hams. He tries to avoid controversial or political issues, except issues that relate to Amateur Radio. In addition to the flow of ham-related information, Larry's List has had a positive effect on Amateur Radio operations, and promotes good relationships among Kansas City Metro area Amateur Radio clubs. Larry is pleased that many of the new hams resulting from the efforts of Matt May, KC4WCG and Brian Short, KCØBS, have subscribed to Larry's List.

The Raytown ARC KØGQ Web site recently best described Larry's List: 'Larry has monitored the pulse and moderated the issues for all things in ham radio in the Kansas City Metro Area and beyond! A subscription to Larry's List is a MUST for all active hams, inactive hams, and ham wannabes!'

After more than 50 years in Amateur Radio, and almost 30 years of publishing Larry's List, WØAIB is also starting to think about the future. At the age of 80, he's still going strong, but knows that his time is limited. Larry hopes that when he is ready to retire, there will be someone interested and willing to continue the tradition of Larry's List for new generations of hams in the Kansas City Metro area

January 18, 2015