Augustus 'Gus' Samuelson
Portugal Cove - St Phillips
NL, Canada

QCWA # 36696
VO1MP - Augustus 'Gus' Samuelson

VO1MP is located in St.Philips ......2.2 acres on a hill top location on the East Coast of the Island of Newfoundland, a suburban community approximately 6 Kms from St. John's.

47 5666 N .... 52 8481 W Grid Square GN37NN. Altitude at Highest point on property is 728 ft ASL

Nr 1 Station Set up is: Elecraft K3 - Elecraft KAT500 Tuner - Elecraft KPA-500 Amplifier
Nr 2 Station Set up is: Elecraft K3 - Alpha 87a Amplifier
LP-100 A Power Meter: MicroHAM Microkeyer 2R and Microham Microkeyer
Microphone Yamaha CM-500
Kent Paddle and Vibroplex Paddle
N1MM Plus+ Contesting software and Logger 32 General Logging Software

Remote Rig

All Hf Yagi Antennae were designed and built by VO1MP and use Mosley Hardware, This Hardware has demonstrated itself to be the only mounting hardware with the ability to survive a typical Newfoundland winter. Lots of Wind and freezing rain.

OWA = Optimized Wideband Antenna
Considerable work has been done on OWA designed yagi antenna systems, the link below provides some of the dimensions and performance data recorded by WA3FET and his team experimenting with these designs. In this case the design was optimized for gain and performance and in most cases resulted in much longer boom lengths. In my case all efforts were expended to achieve optimum results utilizing as short a boom length as possible to achieve gain and bandwidth. Consequently these antennae are easier to handle and erect on smaller tower/support structures.

These designs demonstrated the same characteristics as their big brothers. Experimentation, using commercially available mounting hardware, led me to Mosley Boom to element clamps and brackets with fewer moving parts. This mounting unit is a single cast mount supported by a single stainless U-Bolt and is virtually indestructible.

These antennae were computer modelled and originally designed using a simple DOS based YAGIMAX FREEWARE program written by Lou Gordon K4VX. Unfortunately the program has never been updated to the new windows platforms and for a long time I kept a dos based machine available for this work. Performance features were verified by EZNEC and the Yagimax computer design results were confirmed as being very accurate.

Over the years the performance by these antennae has been outstanding. OWA designs are directly fed with coax and eliminate the losses generated by feed point matching devices. Co-incidental to the time these designs were originally published, desk top computers and antenna modelling software had become an affordale acquisition for most amateurs. Consequently, experimentation and design of similar antenna types was being simultaneously carried out by many Amateurs around the world. Several amateur antenna experimenters had developped similar designs. For a look at Breakalls's OWA designs I have provided a link below. These antennae designs have been used at several record setting /breaking contest stations in the US.


VO1MP - Augustus 'Gus' Samuelson

November 14, 2015