Gordon D. Hungerford
Calgary AB, Canada

QCWA # 35668
Chapter 151
VE6TI - Gordon D. Hungerford

Licensed as VE6APL in 1964 at age 15. Became VE6TI in 1979. I have been in and out of the hobby several times as work, family, location and interests changed over the years. First rig was a Heathkit DX 60 with a VF1 vfo and a National NC109 receiver.

Moved on to a Johnson Viking II. High power if weight was the measure. First new rig was yaesu FT-101B. Restored and still using older yaesu station with the yaesu "Twins" (FL101 and FR-101D) and FL-2100B.

Ten Tec OMNI VII is now main rig.

Ten element Bencher Skyhawk beam at the top of 70 feet of Rohn 25G for 20 through 10 Heathkit SB 220 in circuit when needed. Inverted V's on 80 and 40 and 30 meters. Half square on 17. Used a centre fed Bobtail on 20/10 and another for 17 for 6 years. Homebrewed from the "N4GG Array" article, July 2002 QST. Great DX antenna and the article is available off the net in PDF.

Mobile in a volvo 850 with a Kenood TS 480; homebrew antenna mast of copper pipe and fittings with home brew high Q coils ( 40, 20, 15) of the bugcatcher design matched at the base with an SGC 237 autotuner.

January 20, 2015