VE3WXU - Judson M. 'Judd' Hodge VE3WXU

Judson M. 'Judd' Hodge
Kitchener, ON Canada

QCWA # 37416
Chapter 73

I was first licensed @ AMACOM '83' as 'KA5JUF', while residing in LaFayette, La. My spouse 'Joycee' also shares the shack as 'VA3WXU' former 'KA5NVH' ... Life and work distracted us from the hobby for several years but retirement has re-focused us and there's lots of time for the hobby...Look for us at 'HAMvention 2017' our first time, and looking forward to the experience.

Shack Equipment: 'BAREFOOT' Kenwood TS-570S, Yaesu FT-991, Yaesu FT-7900R, JetStream 220M, Azden PCS3000, TYT-9800, and a TYT MD380 for DMR access. Tech in the shack is a GIGABYTE board, w/Intel I3, 8gb ram and 1Tb storage, running HRD, FLIDGI, and WSJT-X under WIN7 into several SignaLink USBs for our favorite digital modes...our latest interest is MSK-144 on the 'MAGIC' band.

VE3WXU - Judson M. 'Judd' Hodge

We feed our modest 100 watt power on HF into a CushCraft A4S at 35ft atop a freestanding Delhi 33ft tower, 6m is served by a Maple Leaf Communication 3element yagi, and 2m/70cm SSB is fed into a VE3WXU 4element yagi, topping the tower is a Diamond X30 for local FM work. Rotation of the 20ft mast and the arrays is by a trusty HAM IV. A Buckmaster HP40 does the duties on 40m and surprisingly on 80m as does the Comet CH250B in the backyard, which again we actually work a little on 160m...Several homebrew 1/4 wave ground planes service 220mhz FM and packet.

VE3WXU - Judson M. 'Judd' Hodge

We live on the western edge of Kitchener, Ontario, sixty miles west of Toronto, and fifty miles north of Lake Erie. Our QTH is 1230ft MSL, 200ft above most of the city, a great location.

OMISS #9797


May 07, 2017