VE3OU - Edward E. 'Ernie' Crump VE3OU

Edward E. 'Ernie' Crump
Cambridge, ON, Canada

QCWA # 29870
Chapter 73

VE3OU at the entrance to King TUT's tomb in the Valley of the Kings, EGYPT. Inside was the mummy of TUT himself, recently unwrapped. We saw all the treasures from the Tomb in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, including the gold death mask. March 2008.


First licensed in 1956 at age 16, I was originally assigned the call VE3EGG. In 1965 I applied for and received VE3OU.

In the early 90's the licensing body (Industry Canada) changed the regulations so that we could hold more than one call sign. In 1998 when VE3EGG again became available, I was fortunate enough to obtain it once more. In Canada, Amateur Radio licensing is for a "station", and not as an individual, so multiple call signs are possible. We make one payment, and hold the call for life with no renewal fees (gotta like that!).

I work mostly CW on HF, and prefer the lower end of 40, with some excursions to 80,30,20 and 15. I have over 225 countries on 40, using a dipole and 100W.

The 1950's and 60's were a time of great CW operators on 40, hanging out on 7020, (known as "the slip stream"), and swapping tales with a gang of super operators, (now mostly SK) at 50+ wpm. Those were fun days!

I have a Life membership (# 29870) in QCWA, also a member of the Old Old Timers Club (OOTC), ARRL and RAC (Radio Amateurs of Canada). I hold the "Advanced Amateur" license (15 wpm), and several commercial Radiotelephone certificates, equiv. to the U.S. First Class Radio Telephone dating back to the 1960's.

In October 2002 I retired after 42 years with Raytheon Canada Ltd. of Waterloo Ontario, where I had functioned as The Quality Control Supervisor then went into Quality Assurance Engineering, as the ISO 9001 Assessor, Suppler and program QA Engineer. We designed and built military electronics and solid state airport radar with powers up to 50kw.

I now enjoy every minute of retirement, doing some church (and other) volunteer work, tennis, hiking the Bruce Trail which we finshed in 2009 and operating CW, of course.

My wife Marilyn (who retired from teaching in 2005) and I have two grown children, Ian and Meagan, out in the working world.

Please look for me on 40 CW (near 7020), or on 80,30,20 or 15 CW, signing VE3OU or VE3EGG.

In December 2005 I also obtained the call sign VA3RTF, in honour of a real CANADIAN HERO. The suffix stands for "Remember Terry Fox". Terry was a one legged cancer victim who ran part way across Canada to raise money for cancer research. Even though Terry succumbed to cancer in 1981, over $600 million has been raised in his name since 1980 for research. Please look up this call on QRZ for further details on Terry's life.

73, and God Bless, Ernie
trustee of VE3UM, "The Cambridge DX Society" call sign

VE3OU - Edward E. 'Ernie' Crump

March 21, 2013