Paul S. Rockwood
Toronto, ON Canada

QCWA # 37189
VE3EEI - Paul S. Rockwood

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"Amateur Radio is Not for Retirement Days Alone!"

QRV as VP2V/VE3EEI on 14.260 MHz USB from 22:30 UTC July 14 to 01:30 UTC July 15, 2015 and 22:00 July 17 to 21:10 UTC July 18, 2015.

Editor of the IBM Canada Amateur Radio Clubs database - currently thinking of optimal ways for us to associate as amateur radio enthusiasts.

First licensed in Hockessin, Delaware WB3GVS in April 1977 (14 years old). Taught myself code with a Radio Shack manual (From 5 Watts to 1000) and do CW 95% of the time. My Tempo One transceiver fed an Inverted Vee antenna connected with RG8-U foam coaxial cable. My Elmer was Bill Mervine, WA3TAG. My Tempo One 11-tube radio was good as auxiliary heating for my bedroom. It was fun to be a ham in a popular state as many look for Delaware for many awards.

Pounding brass well into the early morning hours as a teen was fun, but I also wanted to see what fun the other modes brought to me. So, I signed up for a General Class licensing course (along with Mr. Jim Durborow, a teacher at my high school who is now N3AHB) and I chose callsign N3AIS. I soon upgraded again to Advanced class. I sold my Tempo One during my Old Dominion University days (wish I had not) and got an Icom IC2-AT 2 meter handheld for use with the on-campus 146.70 repeater (NE4D).

I upgraded to US Extra Class in 1994, enjoyed passing the 20 WPM code requirement, and purchased a Kenwood TS-450S/AT, which runs like the day I bought it.

After I married my beautiful XYL in 2007, I moved to Toronto, Ontario. An IBM employee, I work as a Technical Sales Specialist on IBM Hybrid Cloud solutions.

I got my Basic Plus (12 WPM code) Canadian license in November 2012. VE3EEI is a recycled callsign which was held previously by a distinguished ham and member of the Lakehead Amateur Radio Club in Thunder Bay, ON, Mr. Matti Nummelin (SK), who was originally from Finland.

A ZS6BKW-modified G5RV up in the trees at 40 feet works well with my TS-450S/AT on 80 meters through 10 meters. A fibreglass mast is now in use as a temporary center support for the G5RV. A 160 meter solution awaits.

In Fall 2015 I acquired my Elecraft KX3 HF rig.

Other antennas (not deployed yet):

Cushcraft R7 all-band vertical (culled from a house 1 block away)

Diamond X-200A vertical (from a 48' Trylon tower take-down in 2015)

6 metre 5 ele. yagi and 6m Cushcraft Ringo vertical

I am an active member of the Central Toronto Amateur Radio Club (CENTOR) - find us at Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC), Toronto FM Communications Society as well as the University of Toronto Amateur Radio Society (VA3UOT).

My interests besides HAM Radio include my family and Masters swimming with these guys:

SKCC #11205

NAQCC #6255

October 02, 2016