VE3BE - Robert W. Boyd VE3BE

Robert W. Boyd
Ottawa, ON Canada

QCWA # 36571
Chapter 70

Robert grew up in the Montreal area.

Education / Employment History
1963-66 Toronto-Dominion Bank-Assistant Accountant
1966-69 Crawley & McCracken - Management Trainee
1969-81 Kraft Limited - Office Services Management
1981-86 Montreal Trust . Manager of Business Systems
1987-88 Concordia University Montreal . graduated with Bachelor of Administration degree
1988-2013 Government of Canada - EIC, HRDC, HRSDC (same department, multiple names)
1991 - Transferred to Ottawa with HRDC

Amateur Radio History
- Was a SWL and Electronics Experimenter (mostly Popular Electronics) from the age of 15
- First receiver was a Heath AR-3 SWLing led me to the Ham bands
- Next Heathkit was a HR-1680
- Late 1960.s - Took (and passed) a National Radio Institute Basic Radio Servicing course
- 1987 passed the Amateur (10WPM) exam. First licensed as VE2BSE
- First contact as a licenced Ham was on 10 GHz WBFM -30 miles from a 11th Floor balcony to St Bruno, QC
- 1998 - applied for two-letter callsign and got VE3BE
- After using and fixing crap transceivers, migrated to a Tentec Omni VII
- Current antennas Hy Gain AV-680 and 40m trap dipole (ARRL handbook design)
- Current project: getting back into 10 GHz by constructing a DB6NT 10 GHz Transverter.
- Current misery: troubleshooting a GRC-106
- Assembled "An Inexpensive 75 Watt Transmitter" (ARRL handbook design) about 90 watts with higher line voltages.
- Have built many smaller DIY projects as well
- 2015 - Joined QCWA and Chapter 70

Biography prepared by VE3BE and VE3XK 2016-05-16

August 17, 2016