Changes in QCWA
By Ken Simpson, W8EK

Remember that song from years ago, "The Times, They are a Changing"? For QCWA the times really are changing. Many changes took place at the Board of Directors meeting in Reno on September 24. The changes introduced then have now reached fruition, but more subtle changes are yet to come.

At the board meeting, your directors made some "Tough Decisions". We had no choice. We either made these tough decisions, or we went bankrupt. It was that simple. Your board made the decision to make QCWA a viable entity going forward, and to financially move QCWA into the black in 2013.

The four largest expenses for QCWA (from largest to smallest) is the cost of the Journal, the General Manager's contract fee, the fee we pay our expensive MA CPA, and the editor's fee. The other expenses are small in comparison. The board chose to eliminate the first three of these as much as possible. The changes in the Journal will be addressed elsewhere, but I will discuss the others.

As you probably know, Jim LaPorta, N1CC, our present General Manager, chose not to renew his contract, which expires December 31, 2012. The board had a choice of starting a search committee, or taking other bold steps. The board chose the later. We will be using all volunteers to handle the functions that have been handled by the General Manager, thus saving the organization the second largest expense in the budget. We will be splitting the job into smaller pieces, in essence "decentralizing" the General Manager's position.

At this point, we will be dividing this position into six parts that are critical to the operation of QCWA. We are fortunate that we have identified people to handle all of these positions. They will take over by December 1, so that we can have a smooth transition. The positions and people involved are as follows:
              Executive Administrator - Ken Simpson, W8EK
              Executive Assistant - Sue Simpson, N8AJU
              Disbursement Administrator - Roberta Cohen, WA2FRW
              Certificate Custodian - Vic Culver, W4VIC
              Membership Supplies Coordinator - Myron Cherry, K4YA
              Membership Renewal Coordinator - automated/Exec Admin/Exec Assist

The duties of these people will be outlined in January when the new monthly edition of the digital Journal will debut.

This also means that we will be closing the Texas headquarters and moving it to Florida. Texas will close on November 15, and Florida will open about December 1. There will be about two weeks, over the Thanksgiving holiday, when we will be in transition, while the truck moves our supplies from TX to FL.

Effective immediately, the address for QCWA is
              8400 NW 115th Avenue
              Ocala, FL 34482-1098

As this is being written, we do not yet have a QCWA phone number. Please check the web page ( for the phone number. We will also start using for e-mail. My e-mail address will be

The third expense is for our CPA. We have had a CPA in MA that simply was not meeting our needs, especially considering the amount we were paying them. The board chose to terminate the services of this CPA. As a result, we are looking for a volunteer CPA, probably from the ranks of QCWA members. Ideally, we are looking for a retired or semi-retired CPA that is/has been licensed. At this writing, this person has not been identified. If you would like to volunteer, or possibly know someone that would fit this criteria, please contact us. We are also looking for a volunteer lawyer.

The fourth expense is that of our editor. This will be the only paid position that QCWA will have. Since we are moving from a quarterly Journal to a monthly Journal, it is only fair that this fee should increase. All of the other new established positions will serve without compensation, and will be on a volunteer basis only.

With these changes, QCWA should save enough to finally put us back into a balanced budget for 2013, or even a small surplus, which has not been realized over the past several years. If you have questions, please let me know, and we will do our best to answer.