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Silent Keys

Guidelines for entries on this page:   Date of Death, Name, Call, Obituary, Picture(s).

This is a place for a Family or QCWA member to submit a bio of a SK written to reflect more of the amateur side of the SKs life than the standard obituary includes.   The write up can be up to 1000 words or more and a picture or two and a copy of their QSL card may be included.   Send the information to QCWA HQ too.

Please ensure the member is really a Silent Key, I don't want a member to call or e-mail and say how much they enjoyed reading of their demise.

Silent Keys
Date First Last Call
2015/10/27 Lester C. 'Les' Card card.leste VE6CA write-up
2015/01/25 James L. 'Mac' McCoy mccoy.jame   WØLQV write-up
2015/01/21 Cloyd A. Taylor Jr taylor.clo   W4EWZ write-up
2015/01/20 Robert M. 'Bob' Summers   KØBXF write-up
2015/01/06 Carroll B. 'Ben' Miller   WØDKL write-up
2015/01/03 James G. Dean dean.james VE3IQ write-up
2014/12/31 Marion A. 'Jim' Wise wise.mario   W4PRO write-up
2014/12/11 Harry Pilafian pilafian.h   W4SQG write-up
2014/12/05 Royal V. Mackey mackey.roy   N4ADI write-up
2014/10/11 Mort Cohen cohan.mort WA2ARS write-up
2014/09/29 Walter A. 'Pete' Wessel wessel.wal   WØCM write-up
2014/09/23 Martha E. 'Marte' Wessel wessel.mar   KØEPE write-up
2014/09/20 Helmut 'Hal' Kostlin kostlin.he KL7IKF write-up
2014/09/17 William C. 'Bill' Dewberry dewberry.w   W4OFU write-up
2014/09/05 David E. Bell bell.david   W7RSJ write-up
2014/08/25 William D. 'Bill' Price price.will   W4CZ write-up
2014/08/24 William C. Ryder ryder.will   W1KL write-up
2014/08/18 Stephan C. 'Steve' Finch finch.shep AIØI write-up
2014/08/07 John F. 'Jack' Croft Sr croft.john   N2GUS write-up
2014/08/06 Thomas S. Steele steele.tho AAØHQ write-up
2014/07/22 Wade H. Turner Jr turner.wad   W3ERZ write-up
2014/07/15 Jeanne W. McAllister mcallister   WØJJC write-up
2014/07/14 Eugene R. 'Gene' Chenette chenette.e   N5YJ write-up
2014/07/13 Robald D. Jones jones.rona WBØSOK write-up
2014/06/20 Charles 'Chuck' Dorian dorian.cha   W3JPT write-up
2014/05/19 Arthur S. 'Art' Westneat Jr westneat.a   W1AM write-up
2014/04/12 John H. Shaffer   W3SST write-up
2014/04/11 Manuel Botelho   W3NNA write-up
2014/04/11 Herman P. Pekrul pekrul.her   W8UNI write-up
2014/03/10 Thomas C. Kipps kipps.thom KA6Z write-up
2014/02/23 John Huntoon   W1RW write-up
2014/02/16 Allan R. Johnston johnston.a VE6WJ write-up
2014/02/15 Charles Stinger   W8GFA write-up
2014/02/12 Don Dashney VE3RM write-up
2014/01/11 John G. Troster   W6ISQ write-up
2014/00/00 Michael S. Hoshika hoshika.mi   W9CJW write-up
2013/12/30 Thomas W. 'Tommey' Queen queen.thom   K4BNP write-up
2013/12/17 Richard C. 'Dick' Carter carter.ric   NØTO write-up
2013/12/16 Martin R. 'Bob' Modrcin   WØLEY write-up
2013/11/03 William 'Bill' Boeckenhaupt boeckenhau AKØA write-up
2013/11/03 Chad Johnson   W4CJ write-up
2013/11/01 William E. 'Ed' Morgan morgan.wil VE3GX write-up
2013/10/19 Harry W. Lewis lewis.harr   W7JWJ write-up
2013/10/17 Ruthanna 'Div' Pearson WB3CQN write-up
2013/10/14 Blanche L. B. Randles   W4GXZ write-up
2013/10/10 George Alfano alfano.geo   W2GT write-up
2013/10/05 John W. James james.john   WØWB write-up
2013/10/04 Willard C. 'Bill' Higgins higgins.wi   WØYDB write-up
2013/09/18 Richard B. 'Dick' Quiggle quiggle.ri   W3NGO write-up
2013/09/15 John E. 'Jack' Althouse althouse.j   K6NY write-up
2013/09/13 Wayne S. Green II green.wayn   W2NSD write-up
2013/08/15 Raymond 'Ray' Minichello minichello   W1BC write-up
2013/07/27 William C. 'Bill' Finch finch.will   W4EHF write-up
2013/06/29 Alan J. Pickering pickering. KJ9N write-up
2013/06/08 Robert J.'Bob' King Sr   WØNCR write-up
2013/05/24 James R. Peterson peterson.j KFØFO write-up
2013/05/24 David E. Hubertz huberta.da   W4FRK write-up
2013/04/24 Nicholas 'Nick' Karagelen Jr karagelen.   W4LSG write-up
2013/04/08 Bruce W. Ellis ellis.bruc   WØBF write-up
2013/03/31 Kenneth James Pulfer pulfer.ken VE3PU write-up
2013/03/30 Harold A. Mellen, Jr mellon.har   K2UCO write-up
2013/03/24 George Hart hart.georg   W1NJM write-up
2013/03/21 John R. Stanesic stanesic.j   WØCEM write-up
2013/03/18 Everett W. Sturdy sturdy.eve KI6IL write-up
2013/03/16 George R. Woods Jr woods.gror   W1SR write-up
2013/03/12 Mary E. Lewis lewis.mary   W7QGP write-up
2013/03/08 Edward J. Andrew andrew.edw KB9KV write-up
2013/02/23 Seymore I. 'Sy' Levine levine.sey   W2LPT write-up
2013/02/23 George M. Underberger underberge   W6WAS write-up
2013/02/09 Lewis L. Bradley Jr bradley.le   W4SWP write-up
2013/02/07 W. H. 'Tex' Galpin galpin.w.h VE4AB write-up
2013/02/05 Martin B. Gourley   K4VIQ write-up
2013/01/31 Edward F. 'Ted' Everett everett.ed   W1ALE write-up
2013/01/30 Robert W. 'Bob' Schefke   W9FFC write-up
2013/01/20 Clayton S. Cardy cardy.clay   W9OVO write-up
2013/01/03 Robert D. Cupper cupper.rob WI3I write-up
2013/01/02 John H. Swafford swafford.j   W4HU write-up
2012/12/31 Barclay G. 'Barc' Nutter VE3HAH write-up
2012/12/27 Joshua Premack   WØKZD write-up
2012/12/26 Dee D. Wheeler   W8GKN write-up
2012/12/23 William P. Mueller mueller.wi   W4SKF write-up
2012/12/06 Robert E. 'Bob' Clark clark.robe   WØQIN write-up
2012/11/19 Rodney H. 'Rod' Newkirk   W9BRD write-up
2012/11/11 Yuki 'Uke' Minaga minaga.yuk   W9DU write-up
2012/10/23 Claude E. Tavernier Jr tavernier/ KA6PBU write-up
2012/10/18 Wayne G. Shaffer shaffer.wa   W3QAN write-up
2012/10/15 Edgar W. Brown brown.edga   N6OU write-up
2012/10/02 William B. 'Bill' Hirst hirst.will   W6IA write-up
2012/10/01 Alfred H. 'Al' Miller miller.alf VE7KC write-up
2012/09/28 Dorthy G. Anderson anderson.d   K5JWU write-up
2012/09/16 William G. 'Bill' Athey athey.will AA4WE write-up
2012/09/15 George D. 'Don' Steele steele.geo   W1NFG write-up
2012/09/08 Von Campbell campbell.v   W2RDC write-up
2012/09/05 David M 'Max' Farmer farmer.dav VE6SL write-up
2012/09/03 James M. Lyons lyons.jame VE2KN write-up
2012/08/20 Norman G. 'Norm' Reidford reidford.n VE6NR write-up
2012/08/18 Joel Kleinman kleinman.j   N1BKE write-up
2012/08/12 Robert L. Zoner zoner.robe   W1IBS write-up
2012/08/06 Curtis E. Sorensen sorensen.c   WØPQM write-up
2012/07/23 Charles 'Chuck' Heber heber.char   W7NLA write-up
2012/07/23 Billy L. Anderson anderson.b   W6KPA write-up
2012/07/17 Thomas J. Barker barker.tho   K6MDG write-up
2012/07/16 Paul D. Leib leib.paul. KH6HME write-up
2012/07/14 Russel B. 'Russ' Lamb lamb.russe WU8H write-up
2012/07/06 Robert W. McLaughlin mclaughlin WB8UYA write-up
2012/07/03 M. Walter Maxwell maxwell.h.   W2DU write-up
2012/06/25 Richard 'Dick' Baldwin baldwin.ri   W1RU write-up
2012/05/23 Steve Mendelshon mendelsohn   W2ML write-up
2012/05/23 Kimble A. Nap nap.kimble   W9NAP write-up
2012/05/13 Willard C. 'Bill' Minton minton.wil AA5HI write-up
2012/05/13 James M. Mozley mozley.jam   W2BCH write-up
2012/05/13 Dixon M. Hilsabeck hilsabeck.   W8YAH write-up
2012/05/11 Aura Lee Supina supina.aur   N3EPB write-up
2012/05/06 Edward B. Watts watts.edwa   W1HS write-up
2012/05/03 Harold R. 'Dick' Callahan callahan.h   W8GNV write-up
2012/04/30 Harvey P. 'Paul' Cassel cessel.har VE3SY write-up
2012/04/28 Edwin G. Hohertz hohertz.ew VE7FZ write-up
2012/04/26 Ray N. Telkamp telkamp.ra   KØRNT write-up
2012/04/23 Lloyd G. Gorsiski gorsiski.l WB9RGO write-up
2012/04/19 Grant C. Heimbecker heimbecker VE6GH write-up
2012/04/12 Stephen O. May may.stephe WAØASM write-up
2012/04/11 Robert L. Shrader schrader.r   W6BNB write-up
2012/04/09 Vernon G. 'Vern' Pribyl pribyl.ver   WØOMC write-up
2012/03/28 Frederick O. Maia maia.frede   W5YI write-up
2012/03/20 Jimmy J. Tvrdy trvdy.jimm AD7PK write-up
2012/03/20 Charles H. Davison Sr   K2DOV write-up
2012/03/08 John H. Thompson thompson.j   W1BIH write-up
2012/03/06 Harvey Chase chase.harv   W4TG write-up
2012/02/24 Earle W. Smith smith.earl VE6NM write-up
2012/02/17 John F. Elwood Jr elwod.jame   K1HOF write-up
2012/02/15 Walter N. 'Wally' Nelskog nelskog.wa   W7FDQ write-up
2012/02/14 Leo C. Crumine crumine.lo   K9EDR write-up
2012/02/14 Gerald VanDerWymelenberg vanderwyme   W9VOW write-up
2012/02/12 Jack L. Armstrong armstromg.   K6QFG write-up
2012/02/11 Michael 'Mike'De Cheff decheff.mi   WØNS write-up
2012/01/30 Robert A. 'Bob' Gille gille.robe   WØUGY write-up
2012/01/30 Robert A. 'Bob' Gille gille.robe   WØUGI write-up
2012/01/04 Russel B. Hughes hughes.rus   WØIFS write-up
2011/12/05 Wilbur E. Goll goll.wilbu   WØDEL write-up
2011/11/24 Daniel L. Schobert schobert.d   W9MFG write-up
2011/10/26 Arthur 'Bud' Ketchan   W8UEL write-up
2011/10/24 Edward J. 'Ed' Cutler Sr cutler.erw KC6LPL write-up
2011/10/22 William E. 'Bill' Leavitt leavitt.wi   W3AZ write-up
2011/10/03 Craig 'Tex' Kennedy   N5TX write-up
2011/09/28 Seymour D. 'Sy' Denby denby.seym   W2BNW write-up
2011/09/25 Donald E. Rose rose.donal   W7JPH write-up
2011/09/23 Wilbur O. 'Wil' Hansen hansen.wil   W3HRF write-up
2011/09/20 John W. Sherman   W6KAS write-up
2011/09/17 Joseph K. Hildreth hildreth.j KL7DWE write-up
2011/09/09 Virginia L. McGowan WB6BZZ write-up
2011/09/09 Bruce B. Collisson collisson. VE6BAC write-up
2011/08/24 William C. 'Bill' Wittgruber wittgruber   W8QDD write-up
2011/08/20 Keith G. Bentley VE3DHL write-up
2011/08/16 Robert G. 'Bob' Solbeck   NØGIV write-up
2011/08/15 Peter W. Dahl dahl.peter   KØBIT write-up
2011/08/15 Karl S. 'Skip' Brooks brooks.kar WB4YED write-up
2011/08/13 G. Paul Gerbracht gerbracht.   W3QPP write-up
2011/08/07 Charles R. 'Bob' Cross cross.char   K2HA write-up
2011/07/31 James P. Stodolka stodolka.j   WØTIV write-up
2011/07/31 Douglas E. 'Doug' Johnson   WØBKS write-up
2011/07/26 Robert W. 'Bob' Peters peters.rob   W1PE write-up
2011/07/26 Robert G. 'Dick' Alexe alexe.robe   N8DMJ write-up
2011/06/27 John F. Fleming   K8UP write-up
2011/06/25 Gary W. Bright bright.gar   W9WF write-up
2011/06/18 David R. Finley finley.dav WB6GJG write-up
2011/06/17 Leander J. Buettner buettner.l KAØEQK write-up
2011/06/07 Charles A. Gilliland gilliland. WAØKDC write-up
2011/05/08 Carl L. Cain cain.carl.   WØOV write-up
2011/05/01 William R. Sutton sutton.ric KG6ZO write-up
2011/04/27 Robert R. 'Ray' Forrester forrester.   K4RRF write-up
2011/04/24 William J. 'Jess' Wright wright.wil   W5QDW write-up
2011/04/17 Arnie L. Kopischke kopichke.a WAØDFT write-up
2011/04/15 Louis M. Hudgins Jr hudgins.lo   W4LMH write-up
2011/04/13 Leo Meyerson meyerson.l   WØGFQ write-up
2011/04/12 Dale G. Ridenour ridenour.d WN8I write-up
2011/04/08 George W. 'Wes' Johnson   W6YWH write-up
2011/04/04 Sherman P. 'Sherm' Booen booen.sher   WØRHT write-up
2011/03/21 Kenneth K. Bay bay.kennet   W4UQ write-up
2011/03/20 Leslie S. R. Kawamura kawamure.l VE6ET write-up
2011/03/19 Martha D. Anderson anderson.m   W5SBN write-up
2011/03/19 James C. 'Jim' Swisher swisher.ja   WØHPD write-up
2011/03/16 Robert F. Cooper cooper.rob VE3FC write-up
2011/03/11 Don H. Jurhring juehring.d WNØNRC write-up
2011/03/04 Carlton E. Gray gray.carlt   W4ACM write-up
2011/02/28 John W. Marshall marshall.j   W4KNS write-up
2011/02/25 James M. Headick headrick.j   W3CP write-up
2011/02/17 Jean L. Klassen VE6JKJ write-up
2011/02/12 Marion H. Strickland Jr strickland   W7FCH write-up
2011/02/01 John P. Burgio bugio.john   W2JB write-up
2011/01/26 Edgar Sonnanstine Jr sonnanstin   W8NFQ write-up
2011/01/18 Walter O. 'Andy' Anderson anderson.w   W5DYB write-up
2011/01/14 Ella G. Munsch munsch.ell   W5TSE write-up
2011/01/02 Delford J. 'Del' Bergmann bergmann.d   KØMWC write-up
2010/12/25 Leonard A. 'Woody' Woodward woodward.l   W7KOP write-up
2010/12/21 Arthur G. Spencer VE3AGS write-up
2010/12/03 Daniel T. Copeland copeland.d   NØDT write-up
2010/12/02 Maurice H. Crow crow.mauri   W8SEM write-up
2010/11/28 James J. McKeever mckeever.j WD4DPA write-up
2010/11/28 Andrew J Henderson henderson.   W8SR write-up
2010/11/17 Croft Taylor taylor.cro VE3CT write-up
2010/11/12 John J. Champa champa.joh   K8OCL write-up
2010/11/12 Jack C. Chapman chapman.ja   WØHZ write-up
2010/11/08 Claredon F. 'Clay' Hiltz hiltz.clar VE3TL write-up
2010/11/07 John W. Soderberg soderberg.   W1AKV write-up
2010/11/05 Milton O. Krogstad krogstad.m   WØFKG write-up
2010/10/29 Armand L. 'Bud' Caron caron.arma WA3TNQ write-up
2010/10/16 A. Milton 'Andy' Anderson anderson.a   WØHB write-up
2010/10/11 Wendell O. Wales wales.wend   WØQI write-up
2010/10/09 Kenneth L. Knoff Sr knoff.kenn   N9NBC write-up
2010/10/06 Kenneth W. Schang schang.ken   W8LU write-up
2010/10/06 Donald F. Langham   W2CVJ write-up
2010/10/03 Willis C. 'Bill' Hawley hawley.wil   W6ZRZ write-up
2010/10/00 Glenn E. Schultz   WØIJR write-up
2010/09/23 Anthony J.F. 'Frank' Clement   W6KPC write-up
2010/09/22 Oscar M. Lofstrom lofstrom.o WD5HRW write-up
2010/09/14 Hugh A. Turnbill turnbill.h   W3ABC write-up
2010/09/04 John W. Missall   W8ZCR write-up
2010/08/13 Norman M, Wilson wilson.nor   W5FLO write-up
2010/08/12 Elmo Black black.elmo   W5JCB write-up
2010/07/30 Ken Scrivens scrivens.k VE3LJ write-up
2010/07/21 John T. Edel edel.john.   K8LBZ write-up
2010/07/21 Donald W. Heaslip VE3NJH write-up
2010/07/10 Arnold R. Vandenbelt vandenbelt VA3IEE write-up
2010/07/10 Arnold R. Vandenbelt vandenbelt KB3IEE write-up
2010/07/02 Thomas E. Brosamle brosamle.t WBØYNX write-up
2010/06/28 Harry L. Rothenhoefer rothenhoef   W2HLR write-up
2010/06/27 William B. 'Doc' Brown brown.will   W4OUK write-up
2010/06/21 Charles N. Wright wright.cha   W4PED write-up
2010/06/16 John G. Smith smith.john VE6AI write-up
2010/05/17 Walter G. Wilson wilson.wal   W4NRO write-up
2010/04/26 Paul A. Heins heins.paul AE6QP write-up
2010/04/26 Charles W. Peterson peterson.c   WØUEI write-up
2010/04/18 F.W. 'Bill' Marsh marsh.fred VE3SB write-up
2010/04/14 Donald K. Johnson   W6AAQ write-up
2010/04/10 John V. Smith smith.john   W4ACG write-up
2010/03/29 Gary A. Stilwell stilwell.g KI6T write-up
2010/03/26 Raymond W. Wilson wilson.ray VE9WI write-up
2010/03/26 Frank G. Warsalla Sr warsalla.f   K8MFK write-up
2010/03/24 George A. Adamson VE3XS write-up
2010/03/20 William W. 'Bill' Loucks loucks.wil VE3AR write-up
2010/03/16 Richard A. 'Dick' Hade hade.richa   K9HSK write-up
2010/03/06 Orthel C. 'Tex' Sumner sumner.ort   W5IEA write-up
2010/03/05 Danial R. 'Bob' Dorsey Jr. dorsey.dan   W4RQ write-up
2010/02/18 John S. Ambler ambler.joh VE6CAQ write-up
2010/02/17 Andrew M. Hassell   W5DEM write-up
2010/02/04 Herbert 'Pete' Hoover III. hoover.her   W6ZH write-up
2010/02/04 Frederick D. 'Fred' Green green.fred VE3IO write-up
2010/01/27 William J. 'Bill' Wilson willson.wi VE3NR write-up
2010/01/20 David L. 'Dave' Ingram ingram.dav   K4TWJ write-up
2010/01/18 William J. Harden harden.wil   W4VAH write-up
2010/01/16 Earl D. 'Dan' Kay kay.earl.d   K4HTY write-up
2010/01/16 Donald E. Claar claar.dona   K6DGK write-up
2010/01/10 Charles W. 'CW' Floring   W2AK write-up
2010/01/08 William E. Barefoot barefoot.w   W3UQJ write-up
2009/12/29 James W. 'Jim' Lewis lewis.jame WB8GIP write-up
2009/12/20 Harold P. Eichenberger eichenberg   W5HZO write-up
2009/12/18 Carl V. Spencer Jr.   W7JHE write-up
2009/12/17 Jimmey R. Steele steele.jim WBØGNV write-up
2009/12/16 Charles E. Soper Sr soper.char   K2HPT write-up
2009/12/10 Walter Grande grande.wal WBØOAA write-up
2009/12/06 Robert G 'Bob' Goodrich goodrich.r WA3ZAO write-up
2009/12/05 Robert L Pregler pegler.rob KGØCJ write-up
2009/11/28 Norman Gertz gertz.norm   K1AA write-up
2009/11/22 Gregory M. Ferrey ferrey.gre   WØUYJ write-up
2009/11/15 Raymond H. Friesz friesz.ray   WØHRG write-up
2009/11/09 John S. Di Blasi Jr di blasi.j   W2QNR write-up
2009/11/07 David L. Mays mays.david   W8UI write-up
2009/10/23 Margaret L. Roberts   W8BFQ write-up
2009/10/20 Peter Radding   W2GJ write-up
2009/10/20 James R 'Randy' Hargenrader hargenrade   K4QO write-up
2009/10/18 Franklin E. 'Frank' Lay lay.frankl VE4ZN write-up
2009/10/14 Eugene A 'Gene' Walter Jr walter.eug   W2CP write-up
2009/09/20 John G. 'Johnny' Marshall marshall.j   WØJM write-up
2009/08/31 John L. 'Jack' Hill hill.john.   WØZWW write-up
2009/08/18 Kenneth G. 'Ken' Willing VE3CV write-up
2009/08/17 Charles R. 'Bob' Thrapp thrapp.cha   W7AYH write-up
2009/08/13 Betty L. Hernes WBØWFS write-up
2009/07/17 Walter Cronkite cronkite.w KB2GSD write-up
2009/07/05 Edward J. 'Ed' Gersten gersten.ed WB2MWW write-up
2009/06/29 Isaac 'Ike' Hagen hagen.isaa   W8GVS write-up
2009/06/09 Ronald J. Oliver oliver.ron   W7VU write-up
2009/05/04 Nelson E. 'Sandy' Donahue   W4RU write-up
2009/05/01 Marshell B. Turner turner.mar   KØADM write-up
2009/05/01 Albert L. 'Lee' Bergren   WØAR write-up
2009/04/27 David L. 'Dave' West west.david KZ4G write-up
2009/04/20 Barney C. Moffatt   W5CJZ write-up
2009/04/17 Glenn E. Eisley   W6NDR write-up
2009/04/01 Martin Goodwin   W5YQ write-up
2009/03/28 Jack R. Main main.jack.   W4YCZ write-up
2009/03/25 Jack M. Dye dye.jack.m   W5LUE write-up
2009/03/10 Laetitia 'Tess' Hardie hardie.lae VE3HIR write-up
2009/03/03 George A. Cunningham Jr cuningham.   W7GCR write-up
2009/02/18 John S. Kanzius   K3TUP write-up
2009/02/14 Edward M. 'Ted' Bodman bodman.edw VE3CD write-up
2009/02/10 James W. Mc Fall mcfall.jam   K9VDQ write-up
2009/01/16 Don Doughty   W6EEN write-up
2009/01/11 Joseph Michaels III michaels.j   W4DDV write-up
2009/01/02 Charles W. 'Bill' Peale peale.char   W5MW write-up
2009/00/00 Thomas Fras fras.thoma OE8TF write-up
2008/12/31 Walter R. Farley farley.wal   K4QE write-up
2008/11/25 George S. Wilson III wilson.geo   W4OYI write-up
2008/11/04 Edgar B. Whitaker whitaker.e   K2DLL write-up
2008/10/24 Donald F. Perazzo   WØYQY write-up
2008/10/18 Gene Atkinson atkinson.g   K5AZ write-up
2008/09/24 Fred D. Bardwell bardwell.f   W8OSM write-up
2008/09/17 Robert E. 'Bob' Wesslund wesslund.r   WØAUS write-up
2008/09/12 Robert K. Elliott WAØOHR write-up
2008/09/10 Currin L. Skutt skutt.curr   W8FSZ write-up
2008/08/26 Rose Ann Schieffert schieffert WAØWVR write-up
2008/08/15 Earl H. Mann mann.earl. VE3EHM write-up
2008/08/11 Myron F. Kiefaber kiefaber.m   W8BML write-up
2008/08/11 Julia Ann 'Jan' Fromm fromme.jul AL7FH write-up
2008/08/09 Harry J. Mills mills.harr   K4HU write-up
2008/08/08 Jackson T. 'Jack' Daufherty daugherty.   W5NSQ write-up
2008/08/08 Anthony N. Musero musero.ant   K3UKW write-up
2008/07/31 Ulis L. Tucker tucker.uli   W4YRK write-up
2008/07/26 Charles E. 'Chuck' Stay stay.charl   W4HE write-up
2008/07/22 Mathew M. Falls falls.math VE3MBU write-up
2008/07/20 Donald E. Clendenin clendenin.   NØNWZ write-up
2008/07/05 Ken Perrins VE3DWR write-up
2008/07/04 Reginald W. 'Reg' Duncan duncan.reg   W5UWY write-up
2008/05/18 Alex A. 'Polly' Polityka politykaR.   W8FLA write-up
2008/05/15 Wesley P. 'Wes' Unruh unruh.wesl   NØWU write-up
2008/05/14 Ralph F. Agee agee.ralph   W6ZEK write-up
2008/05/09 Ronald A. Parise parise.ron WA4SIR write-up
2008/05/05 Robert E. Friday friday.rob   NØBVK write-up
2008/04/24 Charles W. 'Wayne' Spenser   W5ROV write-up
2008/04/16 L. B. Cebik cibek.l.b.   W4RNL write-up
2008/04/12 Payton L. 'Pete' Ohlson   W5LVM write-up
2008/04/06 Leslie P. 'Les' Hardie hardie.les WA7ELV write-up
2008/04/01 Lee D. Kirwan kirwan.lee WAØAVA write-up
2008/03/27 Ralph Hasslinger hasslinger   W2CVF write-up
2008/03/22 Joesph D. 'Dale' Craddock craddock.j AE1S write-up
2008/03/16 E. Merle Glunt   W3OKN write-up
2008/03/13 Harold Schmidt schmidt.ha   K6ENQ write-up
2008/03/11 Steve Weber weber.stev   W6QON write-up
2008/02/21 Harold Chase chase.haro   W1EES write-up
2008/02/17 David A. Geschke geschke.da AA9HL write-up
2008/02/15 Stephan K. Plasman   KØIMA write-up
2008/02/11 John H. Berry Jr berry.john   WØNXU write-up
2008/02/08 Kenneth J. Miller miller.ken   N8IPA write-up
2008/02/04 Lewis 'Dutch' Leffingwell Jr leffingwel KCØJDH write-up
2008/01/20 Leslie S. Radney radney.les   W1PL write-up
2008/01/15 Peter L. Larsen   K7BAA write-up
2008/01/09 Johnny Grant grant.john WB6MJV write-up
2008/01/08 Margaret N. Hopson hopson.mar WBØSMQ write-up
2008/01/03 Gary F. Trentham trentham.g KCØFL write-up
2008/01/02 Raymond G. Wolfe wolfe.raym   K9RI write-up
2008/00/00 Richard L. Sheppard sheppard.r VE6TY write-up
2007/12/28 Timothy P. Hulick hulick.tim   W9QQ write-up
2007/12/24 Janice R. 'Jan' Scheuerman scheuerman WA2YL write-up
2007/12/21 Hubert R. 'Mac' McClain   K6SPK write-up
2007/12/20 Norman Wesler wesler.nor   K2YEW write-up
2007/12/07 Thomas S. Jones jones.thom   K4JM write-up
2007/12/05 Clyde Schaffnit schaffnit. KB8HV write-up
2007/12/01 Milo E. 'Mac' Mc Neall Jr mcneall.mi   WØNSW write-up
2007/12/01 Albert H. 'Rocky' Zimmerman zimmerman.   W8UYN write-up
2007/11/21 James E. Turner turner.jam WAØHZS write-up
2007/11/21 Floyd D. Riemenschneider riemenschn   K7MGA write-up
2007/11/14 Leonard A. 'Len' Hooks hooks.leon KG6ZR write-up
2007/11/13 Edward F. O'Dennell o'donnell. WBØGWR write-up
2007/11/13 Allen K. Smith smith.alle   WØQGS write-up
2007/11/01 Paul W. Tibbets   K4ZVZ write-up
2007/11/01 Joel Mele mele.joel   W4SLH write-up
2007/10/31 Fredrick W. Brown brown.fred   WØIIZ write-up
2007/10/13 Ellsworth F. 'Cass' Cassing cassing.el   WØGJG write-up
2007/09/18 Thomas B.J. 'Tom' Atkins atkins.tho VE3CDM write-up
2007/08/17 William A. 'Bill' Ogden ogden.will   WØKHG write-up
2007/07/21 Robert E. Elmore elmore.rob   W5JHJ write-up
2007/07/15 Donald R. Lester lester.don   W1TSN write-up
2007/07/10 Lloyd L. Michael michael.ll KIØIT write-up
2007/07/08 John Samual 'Sam' West Sr west.john.   K4GMV write-up
2007/07/06 Robert J. Stross stross.rob   W2FWU write-up
2007/07/05 John U. Erickson erickson.j VE6NB write-up
2007/07/03 Roland E. 'Ron' Burke burke.rola WBØUZM write-up
2007/06/27 Rayon A. Longdo longdo.ray   K2YJR write-up
2007/06/23 Cecil A. Palmer palmer.cec WA5NWX write-up
2007/06/16 Dwight W. Sorensen sorensen.d WAØITU write-up
2007/06/09 Robert T. 'Bob' Ingino ingino.rob   KØBGW write-up
2007/06/08 Myron C. Inman inman.myro WDØGNL write-up
2007/06/07 John M. Robertson robertson.   NØAZQ write-up
2007/06/04 Charles W. 'Bill' Cramer cramer.cha   WØZL write-up
2007/05/25 William D. 'Dean' Davis davis.will   W5BGE write-up
2007/05/00 Howard G. Gwaltney gwaltney.h   W1IF write-up
2007/04/16 Howard L. Lester   W2ODC write-up
2007/04/12 William F. 'Doc' Fleury fleury.wil   K1FUB write-up
2007/04/03 David L. Glass glass.davi   W8UKQ write-up
2007/03/22 Robert J. 'Doc' Kelemen   W1US write-up
2007/03/10 Paul Kendall Stevens   W8EWD write-up
2007/02/19 Don Lowden lowden.don KA8ZPJ write-up
2007/02/04 Joesph W. Fairfield fairfield.   WØPHA write-up
2007/01/29 Merle Lawrence lawrence.m   W8LUI write-up
2007/01/16 Harrison 'Harry' Moore moore.harr   W2JQS write-up
2006/12/27 Marvin 'Marv' Carmony   W9KT write-up
2006/12/27 Chris 'Kris' Kovacheff kovacheff.   K9AMC write-up
2006/12/10 John B. Power power.john   W2AXU write-up
2006/12/10 Albert G. 'Bert' Farmer farmer.alb VE6PW write-up
2006/11/28 Kenneth W. 'Ken' Cexton cexton.ken   K6LFR write-up
2006/10/29 Stanley O. 'Stan' Oehmen oehmen.ste   K7BZ write-up
2006/10/07 Lester R. 'Rob' Larson larson.les   WØUP write-up
2006/10/01 Gene Williams williamson   N7YW write-up
2006/09/30 Marty Miller miller.mar NN2C write-up
2006/09/28 Daniel Schermer schermer.d   K2AIP write-up
2006/09/13 Gene Nailon nailon.gen   K5DLE write-up
2006/08/31 Robert W. 'Wade' Walstrom walstrom.r   WØEJ write-up
2006/08/28 Gary Paul Cain cain.gary.   W8MFL write-up
2006/08/22 Thomas S. Dix Jr dix.thomas   W3BFH write-up
2006/08/09 Tony Merritt   K5CFM write-up
2006/07/27 Richard 'Dick' Daggett daggett.ri   KØPSH write-up
2006/07/27 Donald R. 'Don' Newcomb   WØDN write-up
2006/07/17 John Stewart sterwart.j KE6DK write-up
2006/07/12 Edward E.W. 'Ed' Martinson martinson.   WØGYH write-up
2006/07/05 Donald H. Stansifer stansifer.   N6RU write-up
2006/07/03 Frank I. Lester lester.fra   W2AMJ write-up
2006/06/04 Arthur C. 'Ace' Winter   W2ADB write-up
2006/05/29 Dwight I. Temple temple.dwi   W2ATM write-up
2006/05/19 Nathan 'Nat' Janco janco.nath   W5FUR write-up
2006/04/04 Ralph Saroyan saroyan.ra   W6JPU write-up
2006/03/06 Theodore W. 'Ted' Rast rast.theod   W6SMU write-up
2006/02/23 Russell R. Beams beams.russ   W8AAL write-up
2006/01/31 Powell F. Krueger krueger.po   WØWY write-up
2006/01/24 Roy Nordos SR nordos.ray   WØVSA write-up
2006/00/00 Ward Jenson jenson.war   WØTLE write-up
2006/00/00 James L. Campbell campbell.j   W4YFN write-up
2005/12/11 Gordon E. 'Gordy' Miller miller.gor WAØZOG write-up
2005/11/29 Edmund H. 'Ed' Marriner marriner.e   W6XM write-up
2005/11/22 Robert O. Zecher zecher.rob   W2YIK write-up
2005/11/20 Herman Milatz milatz.her   W2TLC write-up
2005/07/30 Joseph R. Chartier chartier.j   W1RFE write-up
2005/07/29 Jacques G. 'Jack' Chamberlin chamberlin   W2SL write-up
2005/07/05 Leslie Webb webb.lesli   W7BLX write-up
2005/06/15 Albert R. 'Al' Kahn kahn.alber   K4FW write-up
2005/06/12 Robert Bondurant bondurant.   W6RUJ write-up
2005/06/12 John W. Bruemmer bruemmer.j   W5LVE write-up
2005/06/11 Eugene 'Buck' Ruperto   W3KH write-up
2005/05/07 Shirley Ann Roos Rex rex.shirle   K8MZT write-up
2005/05/02 Donn R. Nottage   W8JGP write-up
2005/05/01 Gilbert J. Kowols kowols.gil   W9BUB write-up
2005/04/24 William W. 'Bill' Mc Grannhan mcgrannaha   NØZL write-up
2005/04/14 William F. 'Bill' Schall schall.wil   K2YGF write-up
2005/03/27 Forrest Bahr bahr.forre   K4SEE write-up
2005/03/16 Spencer L. Clope clope.spen   W9LDH write-up
2005/02/27 Irvin Hershowitz hershowitz   W3HQG write-up
2005/02/12 Charles 'Con' Concannon concannon.   K4RQ write-up
2005/01/30 John Jerome Willig willig.joh   W8ACE write-up
2005/01/30 George Lockwood lockwood.g KD8RJ write-up
2005/01/28 Clarance 'Bob' Englebrecht englebrech VO1BL write-up
2005/01/21 Richard E. 'Dick' Aspinwall aspinwald.   W7PV write-up
2005/01/12 Rollo Medler medler.rol   W4ANN write-up
2005/00/00 Issac D. 'Ike' Byars byars.issa   W4KKO write-up
2004/12/30 John K. Nagel nagel.john   W7AQE write-up
2004/12/22 Mike Gurka gurka.mike   K2UGH write-up
2004/12/21 Richard C. Eaton   W2SBI write-up
2004/12/13 Harold O. Torosian torosian.h   K6OGX write-up
2004/11/20 Jim Williams Sr. williams.j   K6HIO write-up
2004/11/08 Shirley Wilkerson Jr wilkerson.   W4TBU write-up
2004/10/07 Larry Kayser kayser.lar WA3ZIA write-up
2004/10/07 Larry Kayser kayser.lar VA3LK write-up
2004/10/05 James 'Jimmie' Wakefield wakefield.   W6PSQ write-up
2004/10/03 Beryl Masters WBØEJJ write-up
2004/09/12 Laymon J. Knicely knicely.jy   W8CCR write-up
2004/09/12 Kenneth Weller weller.ken   W8TZQ write-up
2004/09/08 Gerry W. Wentz wentz.gerr KC4EHT write-up
2004/09/04 Jim Walsh walsh.jim   W7LVN write-up
2004/08/01 Clarence Seid seid.clare   W2KW write-up
2004/07/30 Jerry Morris morris.jer   W5KUF write-up
2004/07/25 John Palagino palagino.j WD8IBN write-up
2004/06/30 Harry Watkins watkins.ha   W5AXQ write-up
2004/06/09 Marion J. Stoner stone.mari   W8VWY write-up
2004/05/28 Tom Haymond hayond.tom   W8CCN write-up
2004/05/11 Byron H. 'By' Goodman   W1DX write-up
2004/05/07 Gerry King king.gerry VE3GK write-up
2004/04/12 Richard F. Hunt hunt.richa   KØMG write-up
2004/03/23 Robert Jensen jensen.rob   WØWLN write-up
2004/03/23 Paul Christiansen christains VE6ABD write-up
2004/03/09 Richard 'Dick' Wilson wilson.ric   W6GV write-up
2004/02/15 Leland W. Smith smith.lela   W5KL write-up
2004/02/10 Bud Greenless greenless.   K4BHW write-up
2004/01/06 Thomas E. 'Jack' Bobbitt bobbitthom   W4HV write-up
2003/12/31 Ernest Samuel Moore moore.erne   W8NCD write-up
2003/12/26 Emmanuel G 'Manny' Papandreas papadreas.   W4SS write-up
2003/12/25 Harold Vanderpool vavderpool   W8IFC write-up
2003/12/14 Harold 'Gib' Gibson gibson.har   W9PQO write-up
2003/12/06 G. Donald 'Don' Eberlein eberlein.g   W6YHM write-up
2003/11/15 Otho 'Och' Lawrence lawrence.o   K6CAY write-up
2003/10/25 James J. 'Jack' Meehan meeham.jam   N6FJK write-up
2003/07/09 Casey Richard Blonaisz blonaisz.c   K4IOE write-up
2003/07/03 Bruce Durbin durbin.bru   K6THC write-up
2003/06/21 Vernon John Joyer joyer.vern KRØS write-up
2003/05/26 Mayo J. 'Mac' Mc Allister mcallister   WØUQV write-up
2003/05/19 Wesley C. 'Wes' Randles randles.we   W4COW write-up
2003/04/23 Art Bolton NM6K write-up
2003/03/03 Stanley Weiss weiss.stan   W6KHH write-up
2003/02/14 Gorden E. Mycue mycue.gord   WØOTU write-up
2003/02/10 Leo C. Haijsman haijsman.l   W4KA write-up
2003/01/15 Richard N. Toomey toomey.ric   W3JIF write-up
2003/00/00 Russ Estep estep.russ   W6AUC write-up
2002/12/07 Howard Wolfe wolfe.howa   W2AGW write-up
2002/10/21 Walter C. Kimball kimball.wa VE3CWE write-up
2002/09/22 A. Prose Walker walker.a.p   W4BW write-up
2002/08/24 Pete J. Chantiles chantiles.   N3DVO write-up
2002/08/01 Robert E. Baird baird.robe   W9NN write-up
2002/02/28 John J. 'Jack' Kelleher kelleher.j   W4ZC write-up
2002/00/00 Pauline A. 'Polly' Reser reser.paul   W2QCC write-up
2001/12/15 Wendle 'Duke' Campbell campbell.w   K5GDH write-up
2001/11/24 John 'Mac' Mc Kinney mckinney.j   WØAP write-up
2001/09/01 William W. Bollinger bollinger. AF3V write-up
2001/08/12 John Nagley nagley.joh   K4AHS write-up
2001/06/03 William H. 'Bill' Kennedy kennedy.wi   W2AS write-up
2001/05/24 Fielding O. Waters waters.fie   W3DIP write-up
2001/05/02 Bill Savage savage.bil VE6EO write-up
2001/01/28 Frances T. 'Gabbie' Bruemmer bruemmer.f   W5KQG write-up
2000/07/31 Lewis G. 'Mac' Mc Coy mccoy.lewi   W1ICP write-up
2000/07/08 J. William Miller miller.j.w   K4MM write-up
2000/06/01 Glen R. Thayer   W8HYC write-up
2000/05/26 Edith M. 'Betty' Coleman coleman.ed   W4EHN write-up
2000/04/11 Lawrence F. Amann amann.lawr   K5TQN write-up
2000/03/03 Carl U. Everson Feverson.c VE3BYX write-up
2000/00/00 Frank Dukat dukat.fran   K6NL write-up
1999/11/07 Frederick O. Hammond VE3HC write-up
1999/05/31 Frank A. Gunther   W2ALS write-up
1999/00/00 Paul Letsinger letsinger.   W6SYL write-up
1998/07/28 Judson F. 'Jud' Whatley whatley.ju   W4NZJ write-up
1998/05/29 Barry M. Goldwater goldwater.   K7UGA write-up
1998/05/23 Dick Rauscher rauscher.d   W6ANK write-up
1998/03/13 Esther I. Given givens.est   W6BDE write-up
1998/00/00 Larry J. Reeves reeves.lar WAØGKZ write-up
1997/08/27 Harry Kaklikian kaklikian.   W4ACN write-up
1997/03/29 Coleman A. Beeson beeson.col   W3EY write-up
1997/02/05 Ethel M. Smith smith.ethe   K4LMB write-up
1997/00/00 Robert M. Morris morris.rob   W2LV write-up
1997/00/00 Bruce L. Kelly kelly.bruc   W2ICE write-up
1996/01/17 Jean-Barnard Wolff wolff.jean LX1JW write-up
1996/00/00 Irwin R. Wolfe wolfe.irwi   W6HHN write-up
1995/11/21 Walter H. Dettinger dettinger.   W8NXN write-up
1995/08/00 Amandus G. Wentzel   W2HX write-up
1995/06/13 Rodney S. Starkweather starkweath   W9CMC write-up
1995/02/08 Harry B. Stein stein.harr   W3CL write-up
1994/05/21 Stuart Meyer meyer.stua   W2GHK write-up
1994/01/01 Roland W. Caywood   W1KRD write-up
1994/00/00 Nat Burnett   W2GKB write-up
1994/00/00 Irving R. 'Lee' Groves groves.irv   W2DX write-up
1993/12/25 Leland F. 'Ted' Heithecker heithecker   W5EJ write-up
1993/09/02 Mervin F. ;Merv' Lemke lemke.merv VE3CV write-up
1993/07/06 Emerson Merhling merhling.e   W4NH write-up
1993/00/00 Augustine R.Gironda   W2JE write-up
1992/11/25 Erle D. Parker parker.erl   W2GFG write-up
1992/11/20 Reginald J. Iversen   K4QZ write-up
1992/10/05 Gerald J. 'Jerry' McTernan mcternan.g   W3BM write-up
1992/07/12 Dexta Rogers rogers.dex   K5HUC write-up
1992/01/25 Clyde F. Norton norton.cly   WØELA write-up
1992/01/03 Willis L. Haufman haufman.wi   W8BUH write-up
1992/00/00 Moe Joffe   W2BNY write-up
1990/11/01 George E. Sterling sterling.g   W3DF write-up
1990/10/01 Curtis E. LeMay lemay.curt   W6EZV write-up
1990/00/00 Stewart S, Perry perry.stew   W1BB write-up
1990/00/00 Lester 'Les' Reiss reiss.lest   W2BR write-up
1990/00/00 David 'Dave' Talley talley.dav   W2PF write-up
1989/04/22 John L. 'Tav' Tavenner tavenner.j   W9KZ write-up
1987/06/08 James Millen millen.jam   W1HRX write-up
1987/00/00 William E. Wohler wohler.wil   W6FS write-up
1987/00/00 Murry Blum blum.murry   W2MY write-up
1986/03/00 Donald B. 'Don' Whittemore whittemore   W2CUZ write-up
1986/02/05 Harold L. German german.har   W3IMN write-up
1986/00/00 Walter A. Seaman seaman.wal   W8DP write-up
1986/00/00 Charles W. Okie okie.charl   W2SCP write-up
1985/10/23 Edward G. 'Ed' Raser raser.edwa   W2ZI write-up
1985/10/03 William H. 'Bill' Reuman rewman.wil   W2RB write-up
1984/00/00 Jack Heidt heidt.jack   W2LKN write-up
1984/00/00 Edwin S. Crane crane.edwi   W2EF write-up
1983/08/15 William B. Gould gould.will   K2NP write-up
1983/00/00 Alfred B. 'Al' O'Hara o'hara.alf   W2OG write-up
1982/07/30 Richard C. 'Dick' Spenceley spenceley. KV4AA write-up
1982/00/00 Morton B. 'Mort' Kahn kahn.morto   W2KR write-up
1981/12/13 John Di Blasi di blasi.j   W2FX write-up
1981/00/00 Ambrose H. Hardwick hardwick.a   W2YQ write-up
1980/05/19 Thomas A. 'Tom' McCann mccann.tho   K2CM write-up
1979/10/29 Meylert A. Mc Intire mcintire.m   W2BO write-up
1979/00/00 Walter A. 'Walt' Cobb cobb.walte   W2CO write-up
1978/05/24 Homer E. Nichols nichols.ho   W1BM write-up
1978/00/00 George T. Nolan nolan.geor   W2QF write-up
1977/05/21 Herbert S. Brier brier.herb   W9AD write-up
1977/00/00 Harold L. Wetterholm wetterholm   W2BKY write-up
1977/00/00 Frank Frimerman frimerman.   W2FZ write-up
1977/00/00 Ferdinand C.W. Thiede thiede.fer   W2EC write-up
1977/00/00 Everett I. 'Ev' Battery battery.ev   W4IA write-up
1976/00/00 Uda Ross ross.uda   W2UD write-up
1975/00/00 Howard A. Cookson cookson.ho   W2GW write-up
1975/00/00 A.L. 'Doc' Walsh walsh.a.l   W2BW write-up
1974/00/00 Phil Levison   W2MIN write-up
1973/00/00 Reeve O. Strock strock.ree   W2YW write-up
1973/00/00 Paul Z. Haus haus.paul.   W2VH write-up
1972/10/00 Ralph P. 'Tate' Thetreau thetreau.r   W8FX write-up
1972/00/00 Fred W. Huff huff.fred.   W2AMB write-up
1971/00/00 Harold D. 'Hal' Perry perry.haro   W2LFR write-up
1970/00/00 John A.'Al' Stobbe stobbe.joh   W2WZ write-up
1969/00/00 William L. 'Doc' Wheeler Jr wheeler.wi   W2ILO write-up
1969/00/00 Raymond Farwell farwell.ra   W2BJ write-up
1968/00/00 William E. 'Bill' Owens owens.will   W2DDA write-up
1968/00/00 Leon A. Hansen hansen.leo   W2FIT write-up
1968/00/00 Frederick A. 'Fred' Morris morris.fre   W2EXM write-up
1968/00/00 Earl R. Thomas thomas.ear   W2MM write-up
1968/00/00 Charles A. Service   W4IE write-up
1967/07/04 Oscar Oehmen oehmen.osc   W2KU write-up
1966/11/11 Ralph G. Barber barber.ral   W2ZM write-up
1966/00/00 Perce B. Collison collison.p   K2DZ write-up
1966/00/00 George T. Droste droste.geo   W2IN write-up
1965/00/00 Frederick A. Long long.frede   W2PYY write-up
1965/00/00 Ernest A. 'Ernie' Cyriax cyriax.ern   W2DI write-up
1965/00/00 Earl W. Dannals dannals.ea   W2GG write-up
1963/00/00 Walter J. Howell howell.wal   W2II write-up
1963/00/00 Henry T. Hayden Jr. haden.henr   W2FO write-up
1963/00/00 Gordon Braendle braendle.g   W6YYU write-up
1962/00/00 Myron J. Earl earl.myron   W9WNF write-up
1962/00/00 John A. Gioe gioe.john.   W2FD write-up
1961/00/00 Kurt Schoenfeld schoenfeld   W2BT write-up
1957/00/00 Danial E. 'Dan' Lindsay lindsay.da   W2PL write-up
1955/00/00 Otto Eppers   W2EA write-up
1951/05/15 Russell D. Valentine valentine.   W2GX write-up

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