In a message dated 1/22/2010 1850Z; President Bob Roske, NØUF, announces the honor.

As of 0001Z today, January 22, 2010, Harry Dannals, W2HD is President Emeritus of QCWA.

Harry was President of ARRL from 1972 - 1982 and President of QCWA from 1989 - 1994 and the only person to have ever held both offices.

While talking with Harry earlier today I could tell he was truly touched. It's one of the few times, I've heard a smile!

Others to hold the position include: Leland W. Smith, W5KL (sk) and Lewis G. 'Mac' McCoy W1ICP (sk)

Have a great weekend!

Bob Roske, N0UF
President, QCWA

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Harry is a worthy bearer of that title.       Vic W4VIC

Good news !       An excellent Choice!       George-VE3BNO

Great news!       73 - Doug - W6HB

Great News,       An excellent choice.       Congratulations Harry       Mort/WA2ARS

I talked to Harry today on 20 meters on 14192. He is a old friend from Long Island. We had a nice chat and he is doing well.
Art Rauch W4VZ Secretary Andy Clark Chapter 12

I am delighted to hear the good news for Harry and all his friends. I go back a number of years with Harry and his Sperry net; his dad and my father in law (the original W2AS) go back to the inception of QCWA--both being Charter members and I last visited him and Kay during the Virginia Beach Convention in 2008. I have been delinquent in getting on the radio but will try to congratulate him on the air next week. 73, AL, W2AS

from the QCWA Guestbook
Date: 2200Z 1/25/2010
Name: Andrew Schmidt, W2BOS
Greetings! Just received my membership package in the mail today; very impressive. Also see on your home page that Harry W2HD is the new President Emeritus. I had the pleasure of meeting Harry at Rochester hamfest some 20 years ago when Stan K2SJO (former Hudson Division director) and I attended; a true gentleman and a very nice guy. It was great to see his call on your homepage the first time I visited as a new QCWA member.