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Our Living Heritage

Our Living Heritage
First Last Call QCWA
Carroll B. 'Ben' Miller miller.carroll.   WØDKL 01573 write-up
Lyle B. Quinn quinn.lyle.b   WØUS 03746 write-up
Alfred Obrist obirst.albert   N2AO 04022 write-up
Art Kunst kunst.arthur   W3WM 04595 write-up
Hugo B. 'Bud' Keller keller.hugo.b   K2DD 04949 write-up
Harry Gartsman gartsman.harry   W6ATC 05142 write-up
Don E. 'Gene' Wiggins wiggins.don.e   W9CWG 06040 write-up
Allen R. Richter richter.allen.r   W4PHL 06262 write-up
Leonard M. 'Lenny' Mendel mendel.leonard.   K5OVC 06969 write-up
Harry Dannals dannals.harry   W2HD 07425 write-up
I. D. 'Dean' Elkins elkins.i.dean   K4ADJ 07666 write-up
Leo S. Bartley bartley.leo.s   W5OH 08176 write-up
George Roach roach.george VE3BNO 08811 write-up
Leonard Nathanson nathanson.leona   W8RC 08838 write-up
David L. Wiesen wiesen.david.l   K2VX 09130 write-up
Harold E. Johnson johnson,harold.   W4ZCB 10520 write-up
Larry E. Price price.larry.e   W4RA 10988 write-up
Leonard E. 'Doc' Silvern silvern.leonard   K6RXU 11173 write-up
Hugh M. Morgan morgan.hugh   W4VAB 11397 write-up
Leland 'Buddy' Smith Jr smith.leland.jr   W4YE 11461 write-up
Charles R. 'Bob' Cox cox.charles.r AB5X 11822 write-up
Frederick L. 'Fred' Essex essex.frederick   W6TJO 12035 write-up
Jerrel Jones jones.jer   W5TUU 12501 write-up
H.C. 'Duke' Knief knief.duke   W4DK 12539 write-up
William A. Theeringer theeringer.alan   W8PEY 12612 write-up
Joe F. Ward Sr ward.joe.f   W5AAX 12939 write-up
Jan Jellema jellema.jan   K1ND 13408 write-up
Donald C. Johnston johnston.donald   WØJBX 13566 write-up
Cliff Hedgepeth hedgepeth.cliff   K4MLD 13738 write-up
John B. Johnston johnston.john.b   W3BE 13825 write-up
Kenneth C. 'Ken' Barroll barrol.kenneth.   W7OP 13860 write-up
Maurice 'Maury' Shumaker shumaker.mauric   W4HYB 13925 write-up
Michael K. 'Mike' Gautgier gauthier.michae   K6ICS 13926 write-up
Edgar A. 'Ed' Naratil naratil.edgar.e   W3BNR 13930 write-up
Charles W. Fields Sr fields.charles.   W4AJT 14228 write-up
Jacob Itzhaki-Palevski 4 itzhaki-palevsk X1AAH 14369 write-up
Alan M. Maslin maslin.alan.m   N3EA 14478 write-up
Richard L. 'Dick' Kesler kesler.richard.   K9BTU 14577 write-up
Robert J. 'Bob' Rinaldi rinaldi.robert.   W1CNY 15859 write-up
Howard M. Rensin rensin.howard.c KC3D 16015 write-up
William 'Bill' Chapman chapman.william   W5YJB 16133 write-up
Bernie Keiser keiser.bernie   W4SW 16293 write-up
Duane B. Haas hass.duane.b   W9BCV 16334 write-up
James F. LaPorta laporta.james.f   N1CC 16841 write-up
Ed Yoder yoder.ed   W3YMB 17363 write-up
Eugene J. Cooke cooke.eugene.j   W8XL 17547 write-up
Robert M. 'Rob' Mc Kinnie mc kinnie.rober AL7AW 17689 write-up
Frederick M. 'Fred' Beatty beatty.frederic   K8AJX 18316 write-up
Val L. Erwin erwin.val.l   W5PUT 18381 write-up
James M. 'Jim' Wilcox wilcox.james.m   W3WV 18677 write-up
Michael D. Kopec kopec.michael.d   K8NS 18713 write-up
Charles P. McConnell mcconnell.charl   W6DPD 19031 write-up
William A. Tynan tynan.william.a   W3XO 19469 write-up
W.G. 'Bill' Moneysmith moneywmith.will   W4NFR 19484 write-up
Adolf Kerschbaum kerschbaum.adol OE5KE 19762 write-up
Larry M. Keeran keeran.larry.m   K9ORP 20007 write-up
Willard A. Revas revas.willard.a   W1TS 20370 write-up
James C. Musgrove Sr musgrove.james.   K5BZH 20724 write-up
William D. 'Bill' Price price.william.d   W4CZ 20877 write-up
Ken Simpson simpson.ken   W8EK 21022 write-up
Tom Carten carten.thomas   K1PZU 21157 write-up
Ray Day day.ray   N6HE 21270 write-up
Steven D. 'Steve' Loyd loyd.steven.d AGØL 21374 write-up
William G. 'Bill' Mills mills.william.g KC4AA 22115 write-up
Joesph H. Reiser Jr reiser.joesph.h   W1JR 22117 write-up
Larry Mc Calvy mccalvy.larry WA9JMO 22155 write-up
Gary J. Sharbuno sharbuno.gary.j WI9M 22261 write-up
Micheal D. 'Mike' Valentine valentine.micha   W8MM 22532 write-up
Robert E. 'Bob' Ideker ideker.robert.e WB5VUH 22582 write-up
William S. Finkelstein finkelstein.wil WB6JAO 22650 write-up
Kenneth D. Oelke oelke.kenneth VE6AFO 22655 write-up
William T. 'Red' Free Jr free.william.t   N3TG 22674 write-up
Richard L. 'Dick' Harben harben.richard KF9GS 22814 write-up
James F. 'Jim' Bishop bishop.james.f   W8JFB 22969 write-up
Gerald E. 'Jerry' Van Note vannote.gerald. WB2UZT 23010 write-up
Robert 'Bob' Buus buss.robert   W2OD 23083 write-up
Doug Gordon gordon.doug   W6KE 23113 write-up
Tad Burik burik.tad   K3QC 23322 write-up
Jeffery J 'Jeff' Beals beals.jeffery.j WA4AW 23808 write-up
Norman H. Helms helms.norman.h   K5SAC 23823 write-up
Joesph E. 'Joe' Miller miller.joseph.e   K4DZM 23828 write-up
Nelson M. Seese seese.nelson   W4BHD 23942 write-up
Dale Svetanoff svetanoff.dale WA9ENA 23985 write-up
W. B. 'Bart' Berg Jr berg.w.b.   K8IRC 24155 write-up
Gary Harrison harrison.gary   KØBC 24266 write-up
Gerd H. Schrick schrick.gerd.h WB8IFM 24359 write-up
Robert E; Effland effland.robert. AI9H 24678 write-up
LeRoy 'Baldy' Baldwin baldwin.leroy   WØOFY 24694 write-up
Ronald P. Ron' Luttringer luttringer.rona   K6XC 24707 write-up
Charles 'Chuck' Walbridge walbridge.charl   K1IGD 24804 write-up
Edward T. Tanton tanton.edward.t   N4XY 24857 write-up
Ron Tingle tingle.ron   K4ML 25118 write-up
Robert A. Scupp skupp.robert.a   K5SEP 25198 write-up
Ronald M. 'Ron' Collings collings.ronald WB6ZEI 25370 write-up
Andrew G. 'Andy' Romanisky romanisky.andre WA6WXD 25453 write-up
Jeffery D. 'Jeff' Angus angus.jeffery.d WA6FWI 25779 write-up
James D. Curry curry.james.d   K8YDP 25929 write-up
Alan R. Carpenter carpenter.alan.   W8OP 26123 write-up
Joe E. Herrmann herrmann.joe.e   W4LBL 26224 write-up
Robert 'Bob' Roske roske.bob   NØUF 26454 write-up
Engene G. 'Gene' Filipponi filipponi.eugen AG2R 26497 write-up
Milan 'Daki' Drlic drlic.milan 9A2WJ 26657 write-up
Lew Gordon gordon.lew   K4VX 26833 write-up
Calrence N. 'Newt' Campbell campbell.claren   W5DAD 27012 write-up
Nathern Priddy priddy.nathern   K5VIP 27072 write-up
William 'Bill' Pasternak pasternak.bill WA6ITF 27158 write-up
Phillip 'Phil' Temples temples.phillip   K9HI 27464 write-up
Jon A. Bennett bennett.jon.a NQ4A 27493 write-up
David R. 'Dave' Parks parks.david.r VE3AV 27637 write-up
John J. 'Jack' Conners conners.john.j WB2GHH 27771 write-up
Philip K. 'Phikl' Sedgwick sedgwick.philip   N6CMF 27806 write-up
Carol L. Laferty laferty.carol.l   K4SAF 27820 write-up
Benson J. 'Benny' Owens owens.owen.g   K5KV 28006 write-up
George W Cook cook.george.w   W2RBK 28125 write-up
Hideyuki Nebiya nebiya.hideyuki JE1BQE 28339 write-up
David W. 'Dave' Rhodes rhodes.david.w   K7YDZ 28341 write-up
Kurt T. Meyers meyers.kurt.t   W8IQ 28796 write-up
Raymond R. 'Ray' Martin martin.raymond.   W2RN 28824 write-up
Myron Cherry cherry.myron   K4YA 28836 write-up
Joan Powell powell.joan VE9JC 28931 write-up
Lawrence G. 'Larry' Russell russell.lawrenc   K5ZCJ 29017 write-up
Harry A. Hodges hodges.harry.a   W6YOO 29428 write-up
Tony Hirsch hirsch.anthony   W8RSH 29471 write-up
Milton K. 'Kent' Miller miller.milton.k   K4MK 29697 write-up
John R. Kluth kluth.john.r   K4SQC 29803 write-up
Edward E. 'Ernie' Crump crump.edward.e VE3OU 29870 write-up
Victor 'Vic' Culver culver.victor   W4VIC 29961 write-up
Ron Fish fish.ron KX1W 29983 write-up
Lionel Booth booth.lionel   N5LB 30000 write-up
Dave Blake blake.dave   N4DB 30060 write-up
Robert J. 'Bob' Evans evans.robert.j   W7RR 30071 write-up
Ronald R. 'Ron' Young young.ronald.r   W8RJL 30078 write-up
John W. Reiser reiser.john.s WQ4L 30080 write-up
Michael 'Mike' Warren warren.michael   WØWG 30144 write-up
Delbert N. 'Neil' Rapp parr.delbert.ne WB9VPG 30178 write-up
Marlyn Zonnefeld zonnefeld.marly   WØLTL 30188 write-up
Stanley L. 'Stan' Summers summers.stanley   W8SKS 30230 write-up
Carolyn Harrison harrison.caroly WBØOUM 30240 write-up
Walker D. Winana winans.walker.d WB5MPV 30500 write-up
Ronald D. Erickson erickson.ronald   KØIC 30762 write-up
Frank Harris harris,frank WA4PAM 30766 write-up
Walter 'Walt' Supina supina.walter   N3WS 30900 write-up
Joseph 'Joe' Tumminaro tumminaro.josep   K6JFT 30950 write-up
Howard Cunningham cunningham.howa WD5DBC 31115 write-up
Stanley S. 'Stan' Hazen hazen.stanley.s   K2SSB 31163 write-up
Herman M. 'Butch' Weber weber.herman.m WA4GIF 31288 write-up
Mark C. Wilke wilke.mark.c   K8VL 31456 write-up
Gerald F. 'Gerry' Gross gross.gerald.f WA6POZ 31480 write-up
Carole Perry perry.carole WB2MGP 31513 write-up
William W. 'Bill' Bosch bosch.william.w   KØUB 31666 write-up
David W. 'Dave' Johnson johnson.david.w WA4DJ 31702 write-up
Ernie 'Skip' Swenson swenson.ernia WB6VVA 31728 write-up
Marvin J. Gorden gorden.marvin.j KC9VF 31740 write-up
Ralph 'Gene' Hawkins hawkins.ralph KA5CNT 31815 write-up
Sue A. Simpson simpson.sue.a   N8AJU 31819 write-up
Clinton J. 'Clint' Gorman gorman.clinton.   K4KRB 31833 write-up
James R. 'Jim' Perry perry.james.r KJ3P 31910 write-up
Francis 'Ftitz' Tender tender.fritz WD8E 32028 write-up
James B. 'Bruce' Burnette burnette.james.   K5PX 32171 write-up
Matt Tinker tinker.matt AA4XA 32356 write-up
Paul Beckman beckman.paul WAØRSE 32364 write-up
Steve W. Szabo szabo,steven.w WB4OMM 32402 write-up
Lutz Radloff radloff.lutz DL5KUA 32458 write-up
Nomar Vizcarrondo vizcarrondo.nom NP4H 32578 write-up
Pierre Mainville mainville.pierr VA3PM 32666 write-up
Thor Magne Mauland mauland.thor.m LA2LI 32675 write-up
Timothy G. 'Tim' Donovan donovan.timothy   W4CLK 32727 write-up
Patrick W. Tice tice.patrick.w WAØTDA 33040 write-up
James E. 'Jim' Price price.james.j   N4ST 33110 write-up
Vincent P 'Paul' Sullivan Jr sullivan.vincen   W6VPS 33155 write-up
Richard K. 'Dick' Philstrom philstrom.richa   WØTLE 33216 write-up
Mark S. Wintersole wintersole.mark   W5NZ 33288 write-up
Cliff Cheng cheng,cliff AC6C 33455 write-up
Richard 'Rick' Ferch ferch.richard VE3KI 33456 write-up
Lawrence W. 'Larry' Zimmer zimmer.lawrence W4LWZ 33495 write-up
Ralph W. Bierbaum bierbaum.ralph.   NØAWN 33500 write-up
Jay H. Garlitz garlitz.jay.h AA4FL 33505 write-up
Ronald D. 'Dave' Hayes hayes.ronald.d VE3JX 33597 write-up
James C. 'Jim' Owen III owens.james.c   W4CLK 33620 write-up
Bradley D. 'Brad' Miskimen miskimen.bradle   N5LUL 33678 write-up
John E. Ashurst ashurst.john.e   K5FS 33709 write-up
Carol J. Musgrove musgrove.carol. WD5DCZ 33716 write-up
Pete Varounis varounis.pete NL7XM 33775 write-up
John F. Samuels samuels.john.f   K2CIB 34027 write-up
Rue O. 'Rudy' Stuteville Jr. stuterville.rue   W4RUE 34175 write-up
Daniel M. 'Dan' Franz franz.daniel.m WDØGUP 34190 write-up
Steven A. Licht licht.steven.a WF2S 34224 write-up
Dan McCabe mccabe.dan WA8YYE 34336 write-up
James W. 'Jim' Dow dow.james.w   N8KSL 34368 write-up
Bert Green green.bertrum KN4OU 34397 write-up
Walter P. 'Page' Pyne pyne.walter.p WA3EOP 34400 write-up
Gar W. 'Doc' Ko ko.gar.w NE8S 34479 write-up
Edward J. Martin martin.edward.j   W8NLZ 34488 write-up
Donald L. Shipman shipman.don   W3RDF 34557 write-up
James D. English english.james.d WO7V 34756 write-up
James A. Westrup westrup.james.a KAØCSW 34825 write-up
James S. 'Jim' Huggins huggins.james.s   K8HUG 34935 write-up
David E. Walker walker.david.e   N4AYZ 34963 write-up
Kenneth Rdwards edwards.kenneth WA4SQM 34968 write-up
Andrew D. Schmidt schmidt.andrew.   W2BOS 35012 write-up
Bill Phillips phillips.bill AD6JV 35041 write-up
Isreal 'Izzy' Lavee lavee.isreal 4X1UF 35058 write-up
Herman J. 'Herm' Saul saul.herman.j   WØHJS 35325 write-up
Barry Allison allison.barry VE3NJK 35330 write-up
Maurice L. 'Maury' Sproul sproul.maurice.   W5UGQ 35340 write-up
John R. Low low.john.r   K3JL 35346 write-up
Gregory A. 'Greg' Sarratt sarratt.gegory.   W4OZK 35409 write-up
Alan L. Black black.alan.l   N2DUI 35478 write-up
James P. 'Jim' Oathout oathout.james.p WBØKZB 35505 write-up
David F. Ventura ventura.david.f KEØNA 35552 write-up
Raymond P. Richard richard.raymond   W4RPR 35561 write-up
Terry Webb webb.terry   NØTW 35622 write-up
Patricia J. Turpin turpin.patricia AB4CT 35648 write-up
Theodore W. 'Ted' Edwards edwards.theodor   W3TB 35672 write-up
Billy W. McCollum mccollum.billy. KEØXQ 35708 write-up
Thomas M. Niderost niderost.thomas   K4TMN 35779 write-up
Fred E. Miller miller.fred.e   W7LQL 35802 write-up
Scott R. Hanley hanley.scott.r WA9STI 35837 write-up
Robert R. 'Bob' Mayo mayo.robert.r   W2TAC 35994 write-up
Neal Obright obright.neal   K6UIP 36049 write-up
Roy J. Durso durso.roy.j   W2KTG 36092 write-up
Benjamin I. 'Ben' Goldfarb goldfarb.benjam AE4NT 36095 write-up
Curtis E. 'Curt' Gidding gidding.curtis. KC9UNL 36102 write-up
James 'Jim' Cheatham cheatham.james AF5P 36153 write-up
Richard E. Fisher fisher.richard. KI6SN 36198 write-up
John R. Anderson anderson.john.r KN5UPS 36200 write-up
Paul R. Poteet poteet.paul.r ABØC 36272 write-up
David D. Sporny sporny.david.d   W1TBN 36290 write-up
Phillil E. 'Phil' Hystad hystad.phillip.   K7PEH 36437 write-up
Stephen T. 'Steve' Duffy duffy.stephen.t   WØSTD 36487 write-up
Paul L. Goslin goslin.paul.l   K9PLG 36505 write-up
Harry E. Wilkins II wilkins.harry.e   K9HW 36564 write-up
Ernest A. 'Allen' Brown brown.ernest.a KM4DYW 36581 write-up
Raleigh D. Stout stout.raleigh.d AC5JW 36593 write-up

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