NW7US - Tomas D. Hood NW7US

Tomas D. Hood
Omaha, NE

QCWA # 36667
Chapter 210

Tomas, NW7US, first discovered shortwave radio and VHF communications during the early years of the 1970s. Within the first year of exploring the unique signals on the high frequencies, Tomas discovered the WWV time station, and the hourly solar and terrestrial bulletins. This triggered a life-long passion for space weather and radio propagation.

Tomas became a Signal Corps soldier in 1985, and during his service received several Army Achievement Medals for exceptional performance in his company's communications by establishing a standard operating manual, and for training fellow soldiers on proper and effective communications processes and skills. He was also instrumental in achieving the first tactical trans-Europe communications circuit during his tour of duty in Germany.

When Tomas left the Army, he was ready to get an amateur radio license. His novice ticket arrived early in 1990, and Tomas began daily sessions filled with Morse code QSOs that resulted in his first DX. Since then, Tomas has progressed to Amateur Extra, and continues to frequent the high frequencies using Morse code, various digital modes, as well as voice.

Tomas has been involved in AM and FM radio broadcasting, emergency communications (professionally as a 911 dispatcher, and as a volunteer in various capacities including being the Washington State Army MARS Director), website space weather and radio propagation resource provision, and in software programming, computer systems engineering, and related activities. Most recently, Tomas became a recipient of the YASME Excellence Award for his sustained education of the amateur community regarding propagation, solar and geomagnetic physics.

Tomas has been a member of the ARRL for a good number of years, and has held various leadership positions in various amateur radio clubs, including being a founder of a youth-oriented school radio club. Tomas loves field day, DXing, digital communications, QRP, and of course, Propagation. But, most importantly, Tomas enjoys the human side of the radio fraternity.

Since 2001, Tomas is a contributing editor for CQ Amateur Radio Magazine, Popular Communications Magazine, CQ VHF Magazine, and has been published as a contributor to an ARRL publication on QRP communication. His column also appeared occasionally in Monitoring Times. Since the beginning of 2014, Tomas contributes the propagation column in The Spectrum Monitor magazine.

Website: http://NW7US.us and http://SunSpotWatch.com

January 28, 2015