NV1U - Thomas 'Tom' Grosvenor NV1U

Thomas 'Tom' Grosvenor
Lady Lake, FL

QCWA # 37530
Chapter 217

QRZ de, Tom G.

I first became a Ham in, 1967. I eventually worked my way up to Advanced. My former call was, WA1NUY. I say former because I let my license lapse in 2001. I was living in places where I couldn't put up antennas, had a wife and my own, diverse Electronics's business. Therefore, life (in general) kept me away from Ham Radio.

I'm now FREE from "Ye Olde Ball & Chain" and lived in Boston, atop a (42) unit condominium building where they actually allowed me put antennas on the flat roof of the building. I had CX-333 (which got out like "Gang Busters) and a "COBRA Lite Jr", which was center fed with ladder line and a JetStream 4/1 balun. For a shortened antenna, it worked really great!

They're both down as I've purchased a home in The Villages located in Central Florida. The Antenna Adventure Begins!

But let me digress...

From 2010 - 2013 I was bed ridden with a foot illness. Eventually, in 2013, I decided to study for my Ham License and consequently, studied my way right to "Extra" and as an added bonus, I also got myself certified as a VEC!

Due to the illness above, I now have a prosthetic right leg, I require an "Adaptive - Left Foot Gas Pedal" installed in my vehicle. I also had to take an "Adaptive Driving Program" course and pass a road test given by the Massachusetts, RMV! "Been there, done that!" I am now, once again (as the WHO exclaimed) "Going Mobile!"

My vehicle is a, 2007 Toyota, TRD edition, FJ Cruiser! It has a "Bandi" antenna mount, on the rear door hinge with a Comet SBB-224 Triband antenna. My main radio was a wicked old, dual band "Alinco DR-599T" (2m & 70cm) plus a new "TYT TH-9000, (1.25m) rig. For Christmas, (2014) I received an "Icom IC-7100" and a multi-band, OPEK HVT-400B, Mobile HF antenna and a, OPEC Multiband HF/UHF antenna and because the "7100" also handles VHF & UHF, I sold the Alinco.

I discovered that "I'm still able" to install all my equipment, run cables under the door jams and center console, etc, so I mounted all the radio heads and transceiver decks on 'quick release' mounts. It literally takes me around five minutes to remove everything and place everything into a Suitcase, on wheels! I had a commercial radio business install the two rooftop antennas and feed the coax cables to where I needed them, for a few bucks. I also got help from a ham buddy, Dan - N1BHK. Dan ran the 8awg Zip cable from the battery through the firewall and to the rear compartment where the transceiver decks are located. Pictures to follow quite soon... Without Dan's invaluable assistance, the project may have never gotten off the ground! "Thanks, buddy"!

A Final Note: Now that I am a VEC, I welcome the chance to perhaps help future Ham Operators get their "Wings" (as it were)

73 4 Now...!
Tom G...

October 26, 2017