NN2C - September 30, 2006

Marty Miller

LIDXA President, Marty Miller, NN2C, passed away yesterday Sept. 30.

Marty was very active in the LIDXA--being a member for over 25 years and President for 7 years. He was a licensed ham for over 30 years (first call was WB2VEX), and got into the hobby by his older brother. Besides his activities in the LIDXA, Marty was President of the QCWA (Long Island-Chapter 81); an honorary member of the Mid-Florida DX Assn (MFDXA), and very active in the Grumman Amateur Radio Club. He would regularly bring his new DXpedition videos down to LIDXA meetings and was always trying out new software and hardware in his station. He loved the hobby with a fervor and would relate to us, with gleeful excitement, his stories about chasing down a new IOTA.

Marty was very active in working DXCC (Honor Roll Member), IOTA, and Lighthouses. He was regular attendee at the Dayton Hamvention and the IOTA Conference in England.

Marty was 84 years young, and in 1999 was awarded an honorary medal by the French Consul for his participation in the D-Day invasion of Normandy.

73s to a great ham, compassionate person, and a good friend. "November, November, Two, Charlie" will surely be missed by his stateside and DX buddies.

-pat m.