ND5P - Donald R. 'Don' Perrilloux ND5P

Donald R. 'Don' Perrilloux
Shreveport, LA

QCWA # 31876
Chapter 109

I was born December 13,1942 in Independance,Lousiana. From 1949 thru 1958 I attended Champ Cooper Jr. High School where, the Principal Mr. Hillary Bickford (S.K.), nutured my intrest in electronics and radio. As a matter of fact Mr. Bickford and I attended the same Ham classes and receivied our Novice License together in 1960 (KN5AHW). I upgraded to Tech. before the one year Novice License expired and became K5AHW. Also in 1960 I earned my Second Class Radio Telephony Commercial License. In 1961 I graduated from Ponchatoula High School and joined the U.S.A.F. where I was active in Air Force MARS, not on the Ham Bands. I had no equipment or money. I left the Air Force in 1965, earned my First Class Radio Telephony Commercial License and put it to work. In 1966 I got married and began raising a family, and also started my career in Railroad Communication where I still work today. From 1966 to 1972 I was not active in Ham Radio, no equipment no money (got married and raising a family). I let my Ham License expire and I was Call-less untill 1972 when I became intrested in Ham radio again and got my General License WB5IIU, became active and upgraded to Advance in 1976. In 1978 I got my old call back K5AHW because I had held it previously. In 2003 I upgraded to Extra and became active on the 75 meter Geratol net and needed an Extra Class formated call so I applied for a vanity call ND5P, the closest thing to an initial call that was left. I have really enjoyed Ham Radio the last four or five years and am trying to build a retirement station. Looking forward to retirement and Hamming. See y'all on the bands, all of them! 73 Don Perrilloux ND5P

Well I have retired now(October 2008) so it's time to update the Bio. The retirement station is in place. Primary station IC756 pro2 and TS2000LE driving a Icom PW-1 amp. Antenna 4 element SteppIR (40 thru 6 meters) up 72 feet on Rohn 55G tower, 80 and 160 meter sloping half bazooka high end at 66 feet on tower. A 75 meter full wave horizonal loop up 50 feet, a 11 element 2 meter beam up 76 feet and a 32 element 70 cm beam up 80 feet. Aux station (in workshop in back yard) IC746pro driving a Icom 2KL and a AM station consisting of Hallicrafter SX42 receiver and HT37 transmitter. Antenna flat top dipole 102 feet each side up 50 ft. fed with 67 feet 450 ohm window line and a balum, 66 foot vertical. Portable station at the deer camp, IC706mk2g driving 4 811 home brew amp into a 148 ft flat top dipole up 50 feet fed with 450 ohm window line thru a balum. Mobile stations in the brand new 2010 Dodge pickup is a brand new IC7000 driving a 400 watt solid state amp. into a High Sirrea 1800 screwdriver antenna controlled by a TurboTuner. In the car is the FT857D (that I won at the Jackson Hamfest 2009) into a High Sirrea Sidekick screwdriver antenna controled by a TurboTuner. Well that brings the information up to date. See y'all on the air. 73 Don/ND5P

Thought I would add a few items to the Bio: I have restored a pair of "Drake Twins" R-4B and TX-4XB and added to the main station. Also in the R-4B I have replaced the PTO with a Direct Digitial Synthesizer system which includes a digital display. Using the R-4B as an injection source for the T-4XB gives you 15 band segments available (i.e. all WARC bands and 160 mtr.), with the correct hetrodyne oscillator crystal. The DDS system gives you two VFO (A & B) that can be split, and also provides a RIT function as well. Go here http://www.photoshow.com/watch/Vc7zQ5Pn ( copy and paste into your brouser) to see the modification. I have also done the same thing to a Drake TR-4CWrit that is set up in the shop and on the air. Go here http://www.photoshow.com/watch/Mn6NG7GA (copy and paste into brouser) to see that modification. That's all for now. Don/ND5P

December 16, 2015