ND4MR - David M. Ritter ND4MR

David M. Ritter
North Wilkesboro, NC

QCWA # 27952
Chapter 126

Continuously licensed since the age of 14. No longer a teenager, now a member of the Quarter Century Wireless Association and the Old Old Timers Club. Previous callsigns: WN4GMC, WB4GMC, KB4QD, KB3LV, KI4OO, and G0MLU (7 years in the U.K.).

I have lived in Wilkesboro, NC for about sixteen years now, and believe this area is just about perfect (as I define that word): a town big enough to have all the essential stores and services, but small enough to have no traffic jams, relatively low crime rates, and no zoning restrictions or homeowner covenants that restrict antennas! G.L.W.A.T.C.D.R., I plan to stay right here until I retire.

December 06, 2015