NC4AB - Paul A. 'Andy' Brinkley NC4AB

Paul A. 'Andy' Brinkley
Wallburg, NV

QCWA # 37685
Chapter 126

First Call: N4ROX

Name here is Andy. (The only people who call me by my first name are typically government officials and telemarketers). .I am a life long resident of the small town of Wallburg, North Carolina which is just south of Winston Salem. The picture in the upper right hand corner is the XYL, one of our harmonics who just happens to be the mascot for the 2017 NCAA Champion UNC Tarheels and then me (NC4AB).

If you have worked me before and hear me on the air and want to give me a call that's fine !! - I enjoy a good rag chew and life is too short to be one of the "we worked once before - so go away and leave me alone" type operators !! I am glad to work you regardless of how many times we may have worked before. (Sorry, rant off)

I have always had a lifelong interest in electronics and my first real radio was a Knight-Kit Star Roamer Short Wave recever that I built when I was in the 8th grade (I still have it). I listened to lots of the now defunct SW broadcasters but never could get the hang of CW so took several years of listening to CW cassette tapes before I got my nerve up to sit for the Novice test.

I finally took the test in November 1987, passed the written exams and code and was first licensed as N4ROX. I was working in the commercial two way (Land Mobile) business I went ahead and took the GROL exam and passed it in December 1994, and when the FCC dropped the 13 wpm code requirement I upgraded in July 2000 to Extra (AG4AW), then changed my call to NC4AB. (North Carolina 4 Andy Brinkley). My CW was never great and after this many years I am trying the digital modes instead of CW.

I enjoy modifying commercial gear to amateur bands along with most all aspects of homebrewing / antenna building, etc, and in my spare time I volunteer with the local fire department as a Firefighter / EMT. The fire apparatus (below) on my QSL card is a 2009 Pierce Quantum Rescue Pumper. It has a 2000 GPM pump and carries 500 gallons of water, 30 gallons of foam along with a full complement of rescue and extrication equipment to meet the state of North Carolina's requirements for Heavy Duty Rescue, High Angle Rescue and Agricultural Rescue.

I am just now getting back into HF, after being off the air for about 15 years. Having a ball making QSOs with PSK, and have just started learning about JT65 and JT9. When I am not on the radio I am working on putting together a station for my alternate QTH:

I like to operate portable on top of the sand dunes (Grid FM26) on the Outer Banks of the NC coast when we take vacation in that area. A few pictures are posted below.

As a past member of I still do paper QSLs, and will QSL direct (No SASE needed) for any card I receive. If you would like one of my QSL cards just shoot me an email and I will send you one for free. I also upload 100% to LOTW.

If you need a QSL from me and I haven't got it posted or sent you a card shoot me an email and I will get it corrected. I send QSLs via the Bureau every 3-4 months or when ever I get 20 cards accumulated.

For more information / pictures, etc please visit my webpage at

Andy NC4AB

NC4AB - Paul A. 'Andy' Brinkley

NC4AB - Paul A. 'Andy' Brinkley

NC4AB - Paul A. 'Andy' Brinkley

NC4AB - Paul A. 'Andy' Brinkley

NC4AB - Paul A. 'Andy' Brinkley

April 30, 2018