Darl E. Deeds
Findlay, OH

QCWA # 36173
Chapter 18
NA8W - Darl E. Deeds

I was licensed as a Novice in 1977 as WD8MRF and in 1978 upgraded to General, 1981 to Advanced and in 1983 to Extra and the callsign of NA8W. I enjoy Dxing most and also do casual contesting. I started doing county hunting in 2010. I operate mostly SSB but in the last several years have started using RTTY and PSK. I started using CW again after many years absence in 2008. I am at 338/345 countries DXCC and gained Honor Roll in 2011. I retired as a Deputy Sheriff late in 2008 but still farm with my son. The main HF tower in the back ground is a 120 foot electric company castoff. Hope to see you in the DX pileups or HF mobile running counties. 73

June 03, 2015